Reestablishing Hope is a non-profit organization that uses an integrated and care coordination approach to provide services and programs to underserved populations and people living with an array of health and human service needs which is essential to help integrate individuals back into the community. Reestablishing Hope Inc. provides a loving, caring and supportive environment to assist individuals with developing effective coping skills and strategies and to help to identify triggers related to increase mood and behavior disorders. We provide support throughout the recovery process and assist with developing life skills. Reestablishing Hope Inc. serve individuals with mental health substance use challenges and disorders, homelessness, unemployed, and individuals who has been impacted by social injustice and the covid-19. Reestablishing Hope's vision is to provide services to help individuals reach a place of stability by helping them develop effective coping skills to manage and reduce symptoms of mental health, maintain a life of sobriety and to develop life skills. Reestablishing Hope partners with individuals in their treatment process to ensure they develop the strategies and skills needed to have effective change within their life. The Purpose of Reestablishing Hope Inc. is to bring relief and restore hope to individuals who have substance use, mental health, and have challenges with maintaining equilibrium within their life. Reestablishing Hope provide awareness and education on mental health and substance use; prevent, treatment, and intervention services; support with daily living skills, community engagement, and case management services; provide assistance to individual in need and participate in scientific purposes. Reestablish Hope Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes, including, for such purposed, that qualify as exempt organizations described under section 510(c)(3).

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