REESTABLISHING HOPE INC Therapist Hazel Crest, IL · Full time

General Purpose Create individualized treatment plans according to patient needs and circumstances. Meet with patients regularly to provide counseling, treatment and adjust treatment plans as necessary.



• Therapist who will diagnose and treat individuals with mental health disorders.

• To facilitate sessions with individuals, groups, or families.

• Refer clients to specialists if necessary.

• Work with clients to help develop a treatment plan based on each client's needs.

• Monitor client progress during treatment.

• Identify and manage training and development needs for client

• Understand the employee rules and regulations

• Coordinate employee safety, welfare and wellness

• Maintain knowledge of legal requirements and government reporting regulations

Education, Qualifications and Experience

• Mental Health Therapist are required to minimum a Bachelor’s degree in psychology,

• Social work to similar field

• At least two years of experience working with individual with clients with


$40,000 - $50,000 per year