Healing Springs Wellness Center, LLC

We Are Healing Springs Wellness Center Working at Healing Springs Wellness Center is a wonderful experience every day. Apart from doing meaningful healing work with our clients, we also aim to build a community of Culturally Diverse Wellness Practitioners and Therapists who are compassionate, self-motivated, engaged, client-focused, and innovative in their approach to client care. We believe in cultivating a culture of creativity, collaboration, and transparent communication in an environment whose foundation is mutual respect, warmth, and acceptance of each other. The vision of our founder and leader, Shawniel Chamanlal, is that Healing Springs Wellness Center becomes the industry leader in providing Counseling and Wellness services nationwide. It is therefore paramount that her staff mirrors this vision in their work. She continually invests in her team through guidance, mentorship, and the provision of personal development opportunities. She appreciates and values your authenticity, voice, ideas, input, and skills. Consider her your cheerleader and encourager. We lead through example by encouraging the Holistic Wellness of our staff members. We create an enabling environment for you to work at your best and maintain a work-life balance. All you have to worry about is delivering the best service to your clients while we offload the burden of phone screenings/consultations, billing, marketing, and other backend functions. You get to work independently and flexibly in private practice without the hassle of the running your own business. We welcome all Wellness Practitioners to join our team, including Mental Health Therapists, Yoga instructors, Nurse Practitioners, Naturopaths, Psychologists, Energy Healers, and other Healing Arts Professionals. Come and be part of the change and healing you want to see in the world.

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