Purple Koru

Purple Koru is a dichotomy, a paradox; where the right people come together to achieve something special. Whether by serendipity or good fortune, a group of like-minded people have come together to share our collective experiences with the rest of the world. We have all worked in a wide range of businesses, from large enterprises to early stage startups and nonprofits. We have been senior executives and founders, freelance consultants, operating partners and board members. We have worked in every business model including hardware, software, SaaS, professional services, managed services, telecommunications and even education. We have lived and worked in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We have achieved some incredible things and learned from many mistakes; and it's this combination of our collective Experience AND Experiences that makes us different... What also makes us different is our ability and passion for getting stuff done. We are 'un-consultants.' We will not masquerade inexperience with a polished methodology or offer advice we are unable to help you achieve. Our team is with you through the journey - ensuring success for you and the company. Creative. Analytical. Strategic. Tactical. Experienced. Different. Purple Koru.

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