Poshtel Hotels LLC

Our mission is to provide you with a unique and affordable stay where you can enjoy both social interactions and personal comfort within the cozy confines of your private pod. Choose from our pod options, including single twin or bunk twin configurations, all equipped with complimentary privacy shades, luggage storage with combination locks, Wi-Fi and individually adjustable lighting and power connections for all your electronic devices. It's a haven of comfort that you'll truly appreciate. But our commitment goes beyond offering exceptional accommodations. We strive to redefine your hospitality journey by seamlessly weaving together diverse experiences, people, cultures, and spaces. Nestled near the renowned TD Garden in the vibrant heart of Boston's West End, we're surrounded by attractions and points of interest. Our dedicated hosts are available 24/7, eager to assist you in exploring the city's beauty to the fullest extent. We're not just about the typical tourist spots; we're all about immersing you in the authentic Boston experience as it unfolds here and now.

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