Chunks Social Media Manager Seattle, WA · Full time

Oversee + Strategize for Social Media platforms for Chunks Brand


Seeking: 20-40 hours per week.

Location: Seattle, WA. Will consider remote for the right person. 

Pay: DOE, $50-70K salary package with benefits.  


Chunks seeks individuals of all backgrounds, orientations and experiences to apply. BIPOC, female and LGBTQIA+ individuals are highly encouraged to apply. 


Us: A young, creative, mission driven brand-- dreaming up quirky hair accessories. Started in 2019 as a one woman brand and by 2021, have grown to a team of 8. We are a tightly knit, diverse and caring team and we will be keeping it that way! Our community is everything-- the reason why we are here and the fuel for our purpose. We are equal parts mission and impact driven, artfully weird with product development, and community and customer obsessed. We are here to reimagine how a brand can exist for our future generation. 



You: You’re the type of person that when you discover a brand or product you love, you rep it hard to all those around you. You’re a natural salesperson because you are genuinely excited and passionate about brands or missions. You grew up with social media and know it instinctively. You actively use Instagram and Tiktok. You might be on Tiktok more these days and understand the demographic well and have made Tiktok content for yourself or another company. You have a couple of years of experience under your belt and know the marketing basics well-- but you are looking for the dream company to work for. Somewhere you can fully use your voice and your talents as a connector. Building relationships is what fuels you. You get energy from connecting people because you deeply believe in synergy. You are good with words. You instinctively know how to get people behind a mission because you are a super passionate person. You understand socials super well but you are hungry to dive deeper into how to cultivate community outside of social. You are a creative person and have a great eye for aesthetics. You are a note taker and a highly effective person. Even though you love checking off tasks, you also love to discuss all things marketing and to nerd out about strategy. You already have strong opinions on marketing strategies but you love to try all the new things and see what works or doesn’t work and refine from there. 


The Daily

  • Complete our daily IG communications checklist (checking messages, replying to comments, engaging with our IG friends and audience)
  • Bridging our social media audience with our team-- communicating via Slack and email. 
  • Coordinating giveaways and other cross marketing activations. 
  • Refining our content pillars
  • Leading effective social media meetings with our marketing team
  • Do monthly or bi-monthly analytics and benchmarks reviews
  • Work with our creative team to create planned content for socials or activations 
  • Building relationships with our community (audience, other brands, influencers) 
  • Advocating for our brand pillars in all our content


Looking Ahead

  • Strengthening our marketing SOP to keep the team flowing harmoniously
  • Managing in-person social events (craft shows, pop-ups, tradeshows) 
  • Grow our social media presence in alignment with our strategic goals 


The Essentials

  • 1-3 years of experience being a social media or community manager. 
  • Very strong writing skills, both creative and methodical. Naturally understands trending culture and slang language. A killer caption writer. 
  • Strong knowledge of IG, Tiktok.
  • Not a perfectionist or a purist. Understands what works for our specific brand, even if that is not the typical way things are done.
  • Strong knowledge of video editing apps, grid planning apps, Canva, Slack. 
  • Strong communication skills with team members
  • Experience with PR, influencer marketing, UGC. 



  • Paid marketing and advertising experience
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO knowledge / e-commerce
  • Project management platforms or tools like
  • Email marketing platforms like Klaviyo



Are you this unicorn of a human?

This is not an urgent hire. We will be looking for the PERFECT individual for however long it takes! 


To Apply: 

Please submit a CV and a short statement about why you’d be excited to join our team. Include your resume/website and what brands you are personally passionate about and why. 


We may not be able to respond back to all submissions but if you seem like a good fit, we’ll be in touch shortly!


$50,000 - $70,000 per year