The Elm

The Elm is a Berkshires fine dining restaurant and bar, focused on offering exceptional food, drink and service to our patrons in an elegant, fun, and lively atmosphere. We feature an ambitious menu drawing inspiration from Provence, Liguria and Piemonte and the highest quality produce available locally. Our historic bar is lively and features a menu of cocktails developed by our experienced barkeepers as well as classic cocktails with a twist. Further, we maintain an extensive wine list, featuring some unique and difficult to obtain vintages. In the dining room we offer our innovative a la carte menu and at the bar, we are able to offer dishes from both the a la carte menu and a curated and fun bar menu. Key to accomplishing this goal is the cohesive team environment we have developed. Each member of staff from the owners, chefs and dishwashers to the servers and bartenders works closely together to provide a high level of service to our guests. It is this appreciation of each other’s contribution and team-oriented approach that forms the basis of the positive work environment we enjoy and reflects in the level of service we provide. If this environment sounds appealing, we encourage you to get in touch!

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