Qualla Enterprises LLC

CULTIVATION- It all begins as a seed...and develops into the plant that is the basis to all cannabis. EBCI Farms will be the source for all of it's products that are sold to the public. Everything from seed to sale begins here. PROCESSING- Being vertically integrated means that EBCI produces everything from seed to sale. Processing the cannabis plant is a key step in drying and manicuring the finished product as well as producing material to further process in to oils and other concentrates. Edibles use refined oils to determine how much THC is in each product. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT- Flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates and topicals make up the main categories of cannabis products that will be processed by EBCI. Manufacturing, packaging and overall product presentation are a big piece of the puzzle for a high quality cannabis business. RETAIL CANNABIS- Once we've grown, harvested, tested, processed and packaged the cannabis, the public gets to experience the fruits of all the hard work.

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