Fox & Jane - Colorado Springs

Where self-expression is always welcome, and artistry is always celebrated, being creative with a passion for your craft doesn't mean you can't make a great living. Kind, cool, and always authentic, our Colorado Springs salon is as dynamic as the neighborhood we call home. In a community here to support motivated, modern hair artists in achieving the career of their dreams, we coach you in building demand, curating your books, and taking your artistry to the next level.  Caring deeply for our clients and each other, we offer incredible education opportunities and coach your individual business to the highest of standards by focusing not only on building your clientele but by creating long-lasting raving fans!  All humans are welcome here. Join the movement today! *Must be highly motivated. Want to work in a respectful community. Ready to grow! Here are a few things to know about our process: We do our best to respond to every applicant; however, if you don't hear from us within 30 days, feel free to apply again. We love meeting you on Insta; connect with our location Partner @THERESAMMARCOTTE Do you have an additional question or need support? Contact us anytime by emailing [email protected]

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