Ziggurat Interactive Inc PR Consultant (Video Games) - Part Time Contractor Remote · Part time

Ziggurat Interactive is currently seeking a part-time PR Partner to work with over 200 game titles and help grow our brand and digital presence in the game universe. A successful candidate or agency for this role should possess excellent communication skills, superior knowledge of industry business to business and consumer communication, public relations, go to market strategies, and ability to work with and lead a strong team of dedicated performers.


At Ziggurat, we strive to bridge the past and future to transport people into moments of infinite possibility through meaningful play. We respect our community and are committed to honoring where video games come from as well as partnering with our players to create new, joyful experiences. We deliver this joy by re-releasing and re-imagining gaming experience for contemporary audiences. 

The noteworthy PR Consultant will be the driving force behind product promotion and engagement strategies, working closely with the Production, Marketing, Operations and Publishing teams to get our retro goods to loving fans.

What You’ll Do

Ongoing Typical Monthly Activities

  • Up to two hours (or four half-hour sessions) of Support / Strategy Meetings - via Call, Slack or Google Hangouts
  • Collaborative Milestone Plan Development (also recurring) - assist by recommending the best topics, frequency, best timing, and accompanying assets to be distributed (and when) across the campaign. Review stakeholders for both teams, review key messaging, finalize the milestone plan, establish communication methods, review press kit contents, and explain the reporting process
  • Analysis of Past Coverage and Competitive Landscape (also recurring) to develop the best approach campaign aligned with your specific major goals
  • Social Media Amplification (Key Positive Coverage and major milestones shared via our social media channels)
  • Develop and review custom editor and creator pitch lists for high priority/exclusive/feature pitches, as well as fine-tune global press list for appropriate outreach recipients
  • Drafting, editing, and reasonable revisions of press releases or media alerts
  • Assistance in assembling a standard press kit for distribution; support with press kit updates as needed for additional outreach
  • Exclusives or feature story pre-pitching (under embargo)
  • Interview coordination and preparation
  • Distribution of press releases or media alerts plus press kit, sent to suitably targeted members of our press list
  • Monthly reach reporting: End of Campaign and Monthly Summary

PR Activations

Working with the Ziggurat Marketing Lead, jointly determine and execute an average of four monthly outreach activities, such as those found in the following list:

  • Press Releases or Media Alerts (includes pre-pitching and/or exclusive/breaking news placement)
  • Feature Story or Interview Pitches
  • Preview or Review Cycle Outreach (applicant vetting, product request form creation, product shipment tracking or code issuance tracking, follow-up)
  • Organic (Unpaid) Influencer Outreach
  • Organic (Unpaid) Podcast Appearance Pitch
  • Unpaid Media Partnered Giveaway to would partner with a suitable outlet to host a bespoke online giveaway for game codes or, should it be procured, physical swag bags/merchandise packages
  • Media Partnered Q&A with the Developers/Product Team to partner with a suitable outlet to present one of the games to their audience during a live stream. The stream could include a trailer showcase, a gameplay demo with the developers or product team, new feature unveils, followed by a brief
  • Q&A led by the stream’s host, or similar
  • Developer “AMA” on Reddit — invite media and influencers to participate in the AMA (Ask Me
  • Anything) or similar live interview format, asking questions of the development team.
  • Custom blog post suitable for posting on CLIENT's own website, LinkedIn, Medium, or similar platform
  • Associated Press (AP Wire) Distribution
  • Supplemental press release distribution (in addition to our in-house press list) via AP Wire (the Associated Press Network) Is Not Included.
  • Follow-up ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) outreach
  • If relevant, Key Code or Product Sample Distribution, Tracking, and Coverage Follow-Up - Shipping costs of physical distribution will be reimbursable by CLIENT and billed separately
  • Key coverage (Tier 1 and 2 media, key content creators, Metacritic tracked outlets, etc.) reporting for 48 hours following each press release or media alert

Who You Are

  • 5-7 years in the video game or entertainment industry with experience managing similar scope.
  • Proven experience both managing and creating promotion, marketing, communications, social media campaigns.
  • A hands-on, active partner that enjoys the toggle between micro and macro tasks.
  • Ability to lead multiple projects and tasks with overlapping deadlines with ease.
  • High attention to detail and accuracy - our gamers like facts not fiction!
  • Strong written, editorial and verbal communication skills.
  • Self-motivated and resourceful.
  • Very organized and able to create sustainable and scalable procedures to generate successful outcomes.
  • Effective internal and external communicator.
  • A team player that works well with others and sees the advantages of collaborating.
  • Productive in a remote-working environment.
  • Have experience working with internal and external teams. 

Additional Information

Remote part-time contract engagement with company headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Ziggurat Interactive is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of our player community. We are an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and age or disability status.


$2,750 - $3,750 per month