Z5 Inventory Data Analytics Manager (Healthcare, Supply Chain) Austin, TX · Full time

Z5 Inventory is looking for an enthusiastic data analytics manager. The data analytics manager manages a team of data analysts who prepare client data for Z5 Inventory’s data processing pipeline, which further standardizes client data for use by clients in our software products. The data analytics manager must be able to determine actionable solutions for unexpected problems on short timelines, delegate responsibilities of those solutions, and anticipate and mitigate risk. An effective data analytics manager at Z5 Inventory directly improves the accuracy and efficiency of projects which reduce waste in the healthcare system.


The data analytics manager must:

-Be familiar with healthcare-specific supply chain problems, and how such problems impact healthcare organizations’ data.

-Quickly learn how our custom data pipeline operates, especially understanding how it will handle client data, and make the best decisions possible with that knowledge.

-Manage others effectively, learning what is required of analysts’ roles and delegating needs appropriately.

-Be an effective communicator with coworkers and with clients.

-Be able to quickly interpret data, testing and perceiving systemic problems, and determining actionable solutions.

-Come to understand each client’s data, and unique problems.

-Have an advanced knowledge of MS Excel or proficiency in a language such as SQL or Python and experience with using such tools to quickly and effectively manipulate data in large quantities.

-Be able to quickly determine a project-specific plan for data cleansing that is minimally resource intensive, for each project.

-Operate at a high level of accuracy with exceptional attention to detail.

-In-interview, prior to hiring: prove applicant's skills in a live demonstration, identifying and solving several major data problems, within minutes of being given a data set.

Skills which will likely increase applicant fit:

Bachelor’s or higher degree, ideally in Information Systems, Supply Chain, or Business Administration

Success in data analytics, problem solving, team management, and cross-functional collaboration in prior roles

Expertise in statistics

Advanced fluency in MS Excel

Proficiency in Python, SQL, R, or VBA, or other language with use in prior role for data analytics/manipulation


$90,000 - $90,000 per year