Wisconsin Voices Inc Social Media Strategist Milwaukee, WI · Full time

The Social Media Strategist works closely with staff and partners to manage digital content. This role ensures that campaigns are integrated across all digital channels and optimized to convert email, website, and paid advertising audiences into financial supporters. The Social Media Strategist implements a strategic, online engagement and fundraising plan, to acquire, convert, and retain constituents through digital channels most effectively.


Duties and Responsibilities

 Strategy & Management (20%)

●       Work with Communications Director to develop, execute and manage social media strategy for all social media channels in alignment with WV communications plan.

●       Coordinates and plans all social media content and campaigns on Content Calendar for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

●       Monitor channels and respond to comments, direct messages, and mentions/tags.

●       In collaboration with the Communications Director, publish organizational rapid responses to organizational threats or emerging social/political issues on social media channels.

 Content Creation (60%)

●       Collaborate with staff to create and publish compelling and action-oriented content across our social media channels that lead to growth, traffic, clicks, leads, video views, listens, downloads, etc.

●       Design fresh, visually appealing creatives and imagery that are on-brand with organizational guidelines for day-to-day posting, campaigns, calls-to-action, etc.

●       Produce, edit, and publish high-quality and engaging videos, images, and media snippets onto our social media channels.

●       Organize and host social media events including Twitter storms and chats, IG Live, speaker roundtables, etc.

●       Help develop social ad messaging and collateral; design and publish targeted social media ads.

 Branding & Marketing (15%)

●       Identify and develop relationships with influencers and partners to share engaging and compelling content aligned with the WV brand and messaging.

●       Identify opportunities for rapid response marketing for breaking news and events and develop relevant content and messaging.

Evaluation (5%)

●       Identify emerging social media trends and opportunities to adapt to new platforms; measure organizational sentiment and brand reputation across channels.

●       Evaluates, track, and report on social media performance metrics regularly to ensure all platforms are optimized and working congruently.


$44,000 - $53,000 per year