Wholesome Goods Inc Web Developer - Shopify Remote · Full time

Front End Programmer for Shopify Brand Pages


Wholesome Goods is seeking a Web Developer who has a breadth of experience developing Shopify themes and apps. This person will be responsible for Front-End web development and maintaining sites across all of our consumer goods brands. Because this person may be working on a few different brands within the span of a week, they must possess strong time management skills. As discussed, this person would ideally have prior experience as a developer at a marketing or development agency.

Required Technologies

Liquid (templating language, not the substance).

React, Angular, Vue, or any other single page application framework. Preferably experience with two or more.

Ruby (and Ruby on Rails).

MySQL and Postgres - General experience with these databases.

Wordpress - Experience is a huge bonus. We have existing and upcoming projects that are/will be built in Wordpress.

Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, etc. - Experience with setting up and configuring these bundlers


2+ Years as Front-End Web Developer

2+ Years with Front-End Frameworks

2+ Years with UI Building and UI Library

Bonus Points

Have both front-end and back-end (Full Stack) Web Development Skills

Have excellent time management skills

Are highly organized

Must love The Home Edit as much as you love dogs!