Wholesome Goods Inc Transportation & Distribution Manager Clearwater, FL · Full time

Transportation and Distribution Manager will also be responsible for vetting new 3PLs for US and international markets, negotiations for pricing based on volume orders and ensuring relationships with the 3PLs are in good standing.


Job description

The Transportation & Distribution Manager oversees all operations of the department and will support, coordinate and analyze all the operations of the distribution and transportation of all of our products across the different warehouses and sales channels.

The Distribution and Transportation manager is also responsible for tracking, analyzing and understanding all the costs associated with the Order to Cash Cycle (Transportation costs, receiving costs, distribution cost, storage cost, fulfillment cost and any other miscellaneous cost) to ensure our products are within optimal margins.

The Transportation and Distribution Manager will also be responsible for vetting new 3PLs for US and international markets, negotiations for pricing based on volume orders and ensuring relationships with the 3PLs are in good standing.


  • Oversee Amazon Stock performance levels across all brands, ensuring stock levels, excess inventory, return inventory levels are always on optimal levels.
  • Ensuring inventory levels across WG warehouses, 3Pls such as Shipbo, Amazon and new sales channels are always on optimal levels.
  • Observe and Analyze stock levels for new products, alert sales spikes and ensure ordering levels are adjusted based on new sales data.
  • Oversee the coordination of every shipment from all manufacturers and vendors across all Wholesome Goods brands
  • Track and ensure each PO has accurate tracking information, by ensuring a constant communication with the supply chain planning team to get accurate information.
  • Incoming containers from overseas are on track with delivery dates and be able to manage and find ways to resolve and avoid delays and other in-transit issues.
  • Using Inventory Planner, Review Stock Cover in Days and Adjusted sales velocity on our products and compare against inventory on order, in the event there is not enough inventory incoming when reviewing these factors, compile a list of such products and send a weekly report of items of concern.
  • Using Inventory Planner Reporting, Export a list of” A” Class Products at Amazon Warehouses and review inventory levels carefully ensuring there is plentiful inventory available for these products, review items of concern in weekly inventory meetings.
  • Using Inventory Planner and IP Tags, Monitor KPI for Current Products, review monthly and quarterly percentages, identify areas of concern where we might be able to improve.
  • Oversee the process of scheduling all shipments ready from suppliers keeping in mind shipping cost and ensuring they are arriving at the correct warehouses based on location and space in each facility.
  • Put systems in place that allow for an efficient tracking of all inbounds - outbounds
  • Start, and maintain relationships with new 3PLs US based and international, as well as ensure we negotiate better pricing for shipping our product.
  • Run weekly reports and report all expenses associated with each 3PL Wholesome Goods uses such as Storage costs, B2B costs, Receiving costs, miscellaneous costs and determine if costs align within specified benchmarks.
  • Maintain a constant communication with 3PLs and monitor to ensure KPIs and SLAs are being met and negotiate credits for discrepancies and ensure compliance.
  • Expand our 3PL network domestically and internationally by identifying and negotiating with new 3PLs for more competitive rates when it comes to picking, packing, storage and distribution.
  • Lead all documentation and setups for new 3PLs.
  • Analyze our overall quarterly cost per brand and ensure we are within expectations according to the margins set up for each brand.
  • Continue to evaluate Amazon expenses and ensure we remain at optimal levels for storage and distribution, communicate and report overstocks, oversize items and any other fees associated with Amazon.
  • Assist on any and all communications within Supply Chain and these different 3PLs to ensure all tasks and request are being followed correctly
  • Evaluate volume across different EU countries and propose 3PLs to reduce costs.
  • Track transit times across all countries and hubs and determine which services we should be using by analyzing speed and cost.

Qualifications & Skills

  • High School diploma or equivalent (Required). Bachelors preferred.
  • Strong Excel - Google Sheets Skills (Vlookup, Pivot Table work, Organization)
  • Ability to gather data and build reports
  • Data Analytics background - Ability to gather data, interpret and present analysis based on that data.
  • Strong Understanding of Fulfillment and distribution operations
  • Strong negotiation ability
  • Ability to learn and apply logic to situations as they arise
  • Attention to Detail
  • Professional demeanor and ability to interact with colleagues to further like minded goals.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication and time management skills
  • General Computer Skills

Job Type: Full-time


  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift


  • Customs Clearance: 1 year (Required)
  • Warehouse Distribution: 1 year (Required)
  • 3PL: 1 year (Required)
  • Transportation planning: 1 year (Required)

Ability to Commute:

  • Clearwater, FL 33760 (Required)

Work Location: Hybrid