Wholesome Goods Inc Inventory Control Supervisor Las Vegas, NV · Full time

Full Time Inventory Control Supervisor for Our Las Vegas Warehouse.


Job Description

The Inventory Control Supervisor should be able to maintain, monitor and report

the inventory at the designated warehouse. The Manager Is also responsible for

the accurate inventory of all incoming and outgoing products and supplies.

Supervisor will be responsible for hiring, training and mentoring inventory staff to

ensure they follow safety protocols and use technology appropriately.

As the person in charge of the department, it is expected for the supervisor to

come up with processes, train your team based on those processes and make sure

those processes are followed by your team at all times. You are also responsible to

keep improving those processes to make daily tasks more efficient and effective.

The inventory Control Supervisor is responsible to make sure physical inventory

matches our inventory system at all times by cycle counts, find ways to improve

our inventory levels and be able to pull reports that can accurately describe

inventory quantities at each location. These will be in part with the Operations


The inventory Control Supervisor should exceed at communication not only with

his team, but also with the Supervisors and Upper Management within the

warehouse. Coordinating with different departments is a highly priority for the

supervisor in charge of the inventory as he is to be aware of the needs for the

different departments as well as be on the lookout for incoming shipment from

the shipping and receiving department.

As the Supervisor, you should excel at leadership skills, be the one constantly

working to improve your department and be the go to person for your team. Your

team should be able to rely on you and make sure you have the ability to help,

guide and resolve situations within your department.


● Working with the Manager of Warehouse Operations to create and

implement processes within the Inventory department.

● Maintain accurate records of all Inventory.

● Perform a daily inventory analysis to identify any Inventory trends,

discrepancies, and issues.

● Work with the Operations Managers to create a KPI (Key Performance

Indicator) for the Inventory Department.

● Ensure all products in the warehouse are recorded in the Inventory

Management System.

● Ensure Fulfillment is fully stocked to ensure proper workflow of the

warehouse is achieved.

● Ensure product is consolidated to accommodate new shipments being


● Coordinate with the Shipping & Receiving departments to ensure any

shipments received are properly allocated in the warehouse.

● Record and document any inventory discrepancies discovered.

● Coordinate with other teams in the warehouse to ensure processes

established for inventory are being properly implemented.

● Ensure proper safety measures within the inventory are being implemented.

(i.e., proper stacking of a pallet, wrapping pallets before placing them in an

upper-level location, etc.)

● Work with the Director of Warehouse Operations to implement a cycle count


● Hiring and Training of the Inventory Control Team

● Oversee the responsibilities and tasks of the Inventory Control Team

● Coordinate with Operations Managers to provide coaching opportunities

and documentation on employees when errors are discovered.

Qualifications & Skills

● High School diploma or equivalent (Required).

● Proven success and experience in Inventory Control and management (2-3

years experience)

● Proven experience in successfully managing team environments. (2-3 years


● Proficient knowledge of warehouse procedure and policy (2-3 years


● Professional demeanor and ability to interact at all levels with

persuasiveness and confidence. (2-3 years experience)

● Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication and time

management skills

●Other Duties as assigned.