Wheatley Creek Services Handyman Hero Granby, CO · Full time

Hiring: Handyman Hero! No Capes, Just Tools!


Who Are We Looking For?

  • Forget "Bob with a Bucket" or "Chuck in a Truck"—we want a Rockstar Handyman who can dazzle us with more than just duct tape solutions!
  • A fan of "YouTube University"? Perfect! If you can learn how to fix a spaceship from a DIY video, you're in.
  • Must love our clients like grandma’s cookies—warm, comforting, and always leaving you smile.
  • Be the community knight, not just because you wield a wrench, but because you care about the castle you’re building with us.

Why Join Wheatley Creek?

  • Competitive pay for your expertise.
  • Hours as flexible as a gymnast.
  • Grow with us and become a local legend.

Let’s Make This Official:

Ready to swing that hammer like Thor? Send your epic resume to us. Join our crew and let's fix the world, one quirky fix at a time!


$25 - $30 per hour