Westslope Painting LLC Experienced Painter Bozeman, MT · Full time Company website

We are not your typical paint company. We treat our employees like our clients. All our jobs are here in the local area, and we have a 4 day work week where you get to work M-TH from 8am-6pm.


Our hiring process is simple. You come check us out, we tell you everything there is to know about working here, and then we let you decide if it's a good fit. Not the other way around. We are absolutely privileged that you have an interest in working here at Westslope Painting.

If you love taking care of our clients, want to earn more money, and enjoy not working nights & weekends then this is the place for you. We take pride in upfront communication and if you are not successful then we are not successful.


$20 - $35 per hour