WE WIN INSTITUTE, INC Youth Specialist : Licensed Teacher minneapollis, MN · Full time Company website

Licensed Teacher: Organize and assist with children's activities throughout the summer.


Under the supervision of the Youth Specialist Coordinator, your role will involve planning and conducting weekly lesson plans and activities. You will also be accountable for enforcing rules, exhibiting positive behavior, organizing recreational events, fostering engagement, and facilitating healthy social relationships. Your duties include ensuring assigning youth workers to assist in the cleanliness of the facilities and supervising various activities.

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Arrive on time
  • Enter all hours daily in the attendance log.
  • Offer full attention during time with youth. (keep cell phone use to minimum, unless using as a tool with the youth)
  • Plan and submit weekly lesson plans by the Wednesday of the upcoming week planning for.
  • Attend all program related meetings.
  • Supervise the children of all after school/summer programs.
  • Have program material ready for the program before students arrive (reading materials and activities set up and orderly). 
  • Assign tasks for daily food preparation if needed for the youth to help with Garden/Elder Coordinator.
  • Ensure youth mentors/volunteers vacuum, all the tables must be washed down, and the door knobs sprayed and cleaned, before students arrive and when the program is over. All rooms must be checked to assure that there are no loose papers and that everything is orderly.
  • All bathrooms must be checked daily before and after the program.  All papers picked up, floors swept or vacuumed and rooms clean.
  • Responsible for daily program attendance and documented in an attendance book. 
  • Cooperate with and follow the direction of the Executive Director and Youth Specialist Coordinator. 
  • Participate in programming/ oversee daily programming. 
  • Troubleshooting with youth mentor staff, youth and parent issues.
  • Responsible for keeping order in the space at all times.  Students are never left alone for any reason.  We will discuss WE WIN management weekly.  If you need help, always ask the Executive Director or Youth Specialist Coordinator for help.
  • Use “I” statements when addressing concerns of students and parents.
  • Implement agreed upon WE WIN curriculum.  
  • Develop a personal relationship with all the youth and parents.
  • Be familiar with all WE WIN materials.  You need to know the history of WE WIN, the mission, our purpose, and what we stand for.  
  • You must dress appropriately, See Dress Code for reference. 
  • Attend all staff meetings and other duties.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned


$20 - $30 per hour