Washington Neighborhood Center Community Outreach Sacramento, CA · Part time

The contractor will provide community outreach services for the Washington Neighborhood Center on a monthly deliverable-based contract. The contractor will be responsible for increasing public knowledge and awareness of ARPA-related rehabilitation and facilities expansion at the center through targeted outreach efforts.


Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Outreach Strategy Development:
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive outreach strategy to increase public knowledge of ARPA-related rehabilitation and expansion initiatives.
  • Identify key target audiences and tailor outreach efforts to effectively reach and engage them.
  1. Educational Presentations:
  • Conduct educational presentations at community events, neighborhood meetings, and other relevant venues to inform the public about ARPA-related projects.
  • Prepare informational materials and resources to distribute during presentations.
  1. Door-to-Door Canvassing:
  • Conduct door-to-door canvassing in surrounding neighborhoods to engage residents and provide information about ARPA-related initiatives.
  • Collect feedback and address any concerns or questions raised by community members.
  1. Tabling and Outreach Events:
  • Set up informational booths at local events, fairs, and festivals to promote ARPA-related projects and answer questions from attendees.
  • Distribute promotional materials and engage with community members to generate interest and awareness.


  • Monthly outreach plan outlining specific activities and target audiences.
  • Documentation of outreach efforts, including event summaries, presentation materials, and feedback received.
  • Quarterly progress reports highlighting outreach achievements and impact on public knowledge and awareness.


  • The contract will be for a duration of 12 months.
  • Deliverables will be provided on a monthly basis, with specific deadlines outlined in the contract.


  • Payment will be made on a monthly basis upon satisfactory completion of deliverables.
  • Invoices should be submitted by the 28 of each month for services rendered in the previous month.

Contract Terms:

  • This contract is based on a monthly deliverable-based agreement.
  • Either party may terminate the contract with 30 days written notice.


$3,000 - $3,000 per month