Washington Neighborhood Center Center Operations Sacramento, CA · Part time

The contractor will provide center operations support services for the Washington Neighborhood Center on a monthly deliverable-based contract. The contractor will be responsible for assisting with facility operations, event logistics, inventory management, administrative tasks, and overall support for the center's operations, ensuring compliance with COVID-19 mitigation guidelines.


Specific Tasks and Responsibilities:

  1. Facility Operations:
  • Assist with the implementation of COVID-19 mitigation measures, including sanitation protocols and social distancing guidelines.
  • Ensure that facilities are clean, sanitized, and equipped with necessary safety signage and supplies.
  1. Event Logistics:
  • Coordinate event logistics in accordance with COVID-19 capacity restrictions and safety protocols.
  • Implement measures to facilitate safe and socially distanced events, including seating arrangements and attendee registration processes.
  1. Inventory Management:
  • Maintain inventory of cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other materials needed for COVID-19 mitigation efforts.
  • Monitor inventory levels and replenish supplies as needed to support ongoing operations.
  1. Administrative Support:
  • Provide administrative assistance to staff, including scheduling and coordinating virtual meetings and events when applicable.
  • Assist with the implementation of remote work policies and procedures to support staff safety and well-being.


  • Monthly operations support plan outlining tasks and responsibilities in line with COVID-19 mitigation guidelines.
  • Regular updates on facility maintenance and event logistics, highlighting adherence to safety protocols.
  • Quarterly inventory reports summarizing supply levels and usage, with specific focus on COVID-19 related supplies.


  • The contract will be for a duration of 12 months.
  • Deliverables will be provided on a monthly basis, with specific deadlines outlined in the contract.


  • Payment will be made on a monthly basis upon satisfactory completion of deliverables.
  • Invoices should be submitted by the 28 of each month for services rendered in the previous month.

Contract Terms:

  • This contract is based on a monthly deliverable-based agreement.
  • Either party may terminate the contract with 30 written notice.


$2,000 - $2,000 per month