Vui Ve LLC Cook Crew Member Oakland, CA · Full time

The crew member will work closely with the kitchen chef to prepare and fulfill orders that come in through delivery apps. We are a delivery only based brand.


Requirements/Desired skills

  • Positive work attitude around teamwork and operating the kitchen at high efficiency
  • Capable of working under a high speed environment and multi-tasking while fulfilling multiple orders 
  • Sense of urgency during pressed times of services 
  • Strong history with Time & Attendance
  • Friendly communication skills to promote and build trust with Vui Ve LLC management
  • Flexible in adjusting your techniques and kitchen standards base on Vui Ve expectations
  • Has at least 2-3 years of cooking experience and basic understanding of restaurant operations
  • Genuinely interested in delivering high quality products to our customers in order to expand the business for our employees and brand

Work Responsibilities:

  • Available to work a minimum of 40 hours a week (i.e. 5 days, 8 hour shifts)
  • Proficient cooking abilities including: cooking meat, chopping produces, measuring and weighing basic skills
  • Fulfilling orders within 5-8 minutes as a team, insuring presentation and quality are not compromised 
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen regularly throughout the day including: clearing the trash, maintaining a clean floor, surfaces where food is exposed are sanitized, refrigerated foods are inspected weekly for expiration dates
  • Assist in daily preparation for next day services during down time, including: chopping fresh produce, marinating meat, inspecting food expiration dates, boiling noodles, and more. 
  • Replenishes and restocks tools and supplies during downtime to insure swift service for all team members
  • Manage kitchen orders as they come in as a team - teamwork makes the dream work!



$20 - $20 per hour