Voyage Behavior, Inc. Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) - Entry-Level Psychology Job (will provide training to become credentialed) Dundee, FL · Part time

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)'s are an integral part of the ABA team, they spend the majority of their time working directly, in a 1 on 1 ratio, with the client (the recipient of ABA services).


Hi, and thank you for checking out our RBT job posting!


If you have any questions or need any accommodation(s) through the application, interview, or onboarding phases of the hiring process, please email your accommodation needs to (disclosure is not required, but appreciated so that we can support your needs): [email protected]


Voyage Behavior, Inc. is owned and operated by Amanda Gray, a Neurodivergent BCBA who has been working in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2017. She moved up to the area from Miami in 2021 because she saw an enormous need for ABA practitioners in southeast Polk County, Florida. Some clients had been on wait lists for 4 years.... That is unacceptable. Now that we are here, it is our mission to bring and train new ABA staff to the underserved populations of Polk County, Florida.


At Voyage Behavior, we are actively looking to build our team of compassionate, client-centered, and trauma-informed ABA clinicians who share our goals of helping our Neurodivergent clients learn in their own time and way, in a neuro-inclusive, sensory-sensitive, and supportive fun environment. #MakeLearningFun #Takiwatanga


We are seeking Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT), to join our team in the following areas within a 30-mile radius of Dundee, FL 33838. The locations below have been separated by county:


Polk County, Florida:

  • Avon Park (33825)
  • Auburndale (33823)
  • Bartow
  • Dundee (33838)
  • Davenport (33837, 33897,
  • Haines City (33844)
  • Lake Alfred
  • Lake Hamilton
  • Lakeland (33803, 33811, 33815)
  • Lake Wales (33853, 33859)
  • Mulberry
  • Plant City
  • Polk City
  • Poinciana (34759)
  • Wahneta
  • Winter Haven (33880, 33881, 33884)



A Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is an integral part of the team of practitioners that provide ABA Therapy. RBTs spend the majority of their time working directly, in a 1 on 1 ratio, with the client (the recipient of ABA services). An RBT works under the direct supervision of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) to provide ABA therapy to Neurodivergent children while supporting their families.


As an RBT, your success will show most when your client is happy, relaxed, and engaged (HRE). When they learn new skills and realize they can communicate in a new way or do something independently without help or prompting. That’s when you will feel fulfilled as a behavior therapist. We aim for those moments every day. So that our client’s self-advocacy skills and quality of life are improved through their participation in ABA therapy.


Being an RBT is not easy by any means. In a lot of ways, it’s like being a teacher, nanny, personal cheerleader, and professional bodyguard for your clients to ensure they are learning while maintaining a safe environment. Each client’s needs are different. Because each client is so different, you have to be able to be flexible (both figuratively and literally sometimes) and very patient.


Our clients may not understand why something is happening, but that is when it is our job to teach them the why and how of that particular task or activity. Sometimes we have to teach it in multiple ways, and that is when we personalize how we teach target skills to them, based on their needs and learning style.


We should never aim for blind compliance in ABA! (Please read that again.) Because it is very important that we get and maintain active participation from our clients, without masking, to indicate consent from our clients. #Assent


We are aiming for the client to understand the how’s and why’s, for them to actively participate in activities. Our clients need to know that we will respect their autonomy, especially when they self-advocate that they do not want to participate in a task or activity.


As an RBT, you will be responsible for:

o  Follow the BACB RBT Code of Ethics to maintain client dignity.

o Ensure that your client(s) receive Continuity of Services, by giving a 30-day notice when transitioning off of a case.

o  Attend ongoing RBT trainings, supervision, and monthly team meetings.

o  Implement behavior analytic skill acquisition and behavior reduction programs for clients with the oversight of a BCBA.

o  RBTs provide ABA treatment in a variety of settings. You could be working in the client’s home, out in the community, at their school, and or in an afterschool program as needed depending on the day.

o  RBTs collect data in real-time using CentralReach for acquisition skills and record ABC data for behavior(s) targeted for reduction.

o  Complete weekly check-ins with your supervising BCBA/BCaBA, this will cover topics like ethics; data collection; documentation; procedural fidelity; skill development (pro-active or client-specific); what supports and or materials you need; and a place for you to give your supervisor feedback.

o  RBTs may be asked to assist with the making or creation of material for ABA programs and maintaining proper organization of all needed supplies. We always need materials made, so if you like arts and crafts, please let us know and we can pay you for indirect time outside of your sessions to help create materials).

o  In the event of a Crisis, first get help, or backup, from others trained in that client’s Crisis Plan, if none are available follow the plan to protect the client, others, and yourself. As soon as it is safely possible notify the BCBA, parent/caregiver(s), teacher(s), etc., and fill out an Incident Report.

o  Asking questions! Seriously, ask lots of questions.



In order for an RBT to maintain their credential with the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB), an RBT must receive supervision for a minimum of 5% of their direct time with clients. RBTs are the backbone of any good ABA practice, and our BCBA, Amanda, likes to provide a minimum of 10% supervision to ensure that you feel supported, trained, and prepared for sessions when we aren’t there to supervise.


## If you are a Student Analyst: BCaBA/BCBA Candidates pursuing supervised fieldwork (condensed hours are available) to become a board-certified behavior analyst or assistant behavior analyst; we are also taking on new trainees/interns that are looking for fieldwork or concentrated hours. We have active cases that will provide excellent training and learning opportunities as you finish your degree and or fieldwork requirements.



o  High School Diploma. College coursework is preferred, but not required.

o  Active RBT certification with the BACB.

o  **If you are not an RBT, but are interested in becoming one, please apply, and we can discuss setting you up for a career in ABA.

o  You must be able to pass a level-two criminal background check with Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and Department of Children and Families (DCF) which checks local, state, and federal databases. For Tricare, there is a separate 10-year federal background check that the company covers if you would like to become Tricare certified as a Behavior Technician.

o  Pass a 10-panel pre-employment drug test administered through Quest Diagnostics, once hired random tests are given at least once per year.

o A current Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers (AED/First Aid/CPR for infants, children, and adults). If you need to get BLS certified or renew your BLS skills, please contact Amanda as she is an AHA BLS Instructor and offers monthly trainings online or in person.

o  Strong verbal and written communication skills.

o  Bilingual in Spanish, Creole, Hindi, and or American Sign Language is always a plus, but not required.

o  Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), Professional Crisis Management (PCM), or Safety Care training for crisis prevention and de-escalation, is preferred but not required. If your case requires Crisis Training, you will receive that training before starting a case that has a Crisis Plan.

¨ If you prefer not to take on any case(s) with aggressive behavior(s), please notify us immediately and we will work with you as best as possible.


** If you are not an RBT [yet], we can train you to become an RBT while you take the 40-Hour Training Course for FREE. No one should have to pay an employer to train them to do their job..... The course is sponsored by us through CentralReach. The 40-Hour RBT Course is normally $150. and you can complete it as fast or slow as you need to, but it must be completed within 180 days (BACB rules). Because the course is sponsored by Voyage Behavior, you get access to a library of more than 40 hours of online RBT training.

The only catch is that if you need to finish the 40-Hour Course and pass your RBT exam prior to your hire date. No strings attached. The time you put into completing the 40-hour course is unpaid, as you will need to complete this before you can begin working as an RBT. Should you need accommodations or a hands-on 40-hour course, please discuss this with Amanda during your interview as that is optional, but is only payable at the admin rate.

We believe that knowledge should be shared, and hope that you will appreciate our financial investment in your future.

If you don't want to use CentralReach, the APF created this open educational resource of the 40-Hour RBT Course on their website.


JOB TYPE: Part-Time to Full-Time depending on your availability.


o  Part-time is considered up to 30 billable hours per week.

o  Full-time is anything over 30 billable hours per week.

o  All RBT positions start part-time with the aim of building your billable hours. You have the potential for a full-time caseload if you want it.

o  Overtime is calculated when you work more than 40 hours a week, or more than 8 hours in one day.


Billable hours are considered direct hours with the client or when you receive supervision with the client present. We do not pay you a lower (admin) rate for supervision like some other ABA companies. Your time is valuable, and we know RBTs work hard, so yall deserve to make the same wage regardless of whether the insurance pays for supervision or not. Period.



o  Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST.

o  Saturday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm EST.

o  The BCBA is available outside of these hours, but those sessions must be scheduled ahead of time.



o  With the 2024-2025 school year fast approaching, families are looking for RBT coverage at home for the summer. The more availability you have in your schedule, the sooner we can staff you to a case.

o  RBT availability for weekends is not required but is based on each family’s availability.

o  We want you to have a work-life balance! So please let us know asap if you need to block some time off.



Our employee benefits are managed through Gusto. They have an app where you can view your paychecks, paid time off, health, and financial benefits.

Beginning on 01/01/2025, we will offer Medical, Dental, Vision, Short- and Long-Term Disability, as well as Life Insurance with the option for a 401k.

o  Liability Insurance is covered under the company’s plan through CPH.

o  Paid Time Off (PTO) is accrued from the day you start working at a rate of 1 hour earned for every 40 hours worked. This is based on the number of hours you work, so if you work full-time, you will have 52 hours of PTO at the end of your first year. If you leave VB, these are the only hours that are paid out to you besides your billable hours.

o  Sick Days will become available after you complete your first 30 days of work. You earn 1 paid sick day at the same rate as PTO. However, Sick time can be used if you are sick, taking care of a sick family member, or if you need to take a personal day.

o  Mileage reimbursements if you have more than 1 client and see both clients on the same day. Mileage is reimbursed at $0.67 cents per mile, this is automatically calculated in CentralReach based on your completed sessions.

o  Monthly materials reimbursement (keep your receipts).

o  Bonuses when it’s your birthday, you have no cancelations for a month, or your client meets a big milestone.

o  Admin hours are available in the event of client cancelations, so you don’t lose billable hours. Admin hours are paid at the rate of $20/hour for all RBTs.

o  Holidays are paid as full (8 hours) or half days (4 hours) depending on if your weekly billable hours average qualifies you as a full-time or part-time employee.


PAY SCALE: Hourly pay starts at $20.00 - $35.00 per hour based on experience and education.


For transparency, our pay scale starts at $20/hour if you are not certified as an RBT yet, that would classify you as a Behavior Assistant.


Behavior Assistant: $20/hour, this means that you will complete the 40-Hour RBT Training and become certified as an RBT within 30 days of receiving your offer letter of employment.


Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) with a high school diploma (has an active RBT certification, but no college coursework):

o  RBT with no experience: $21/hour (Base Rate)

o  RBT with 1 year of experience: $22/hour

o  RBT with 2 years of experience: $23/hour

o  RBT with 3 years of experience: $24/hour

o  RBT with 4 years of experience: $25/hour

o  RBT with 5 years of experience: $26/hour

o  RBT with 6 years of experience: $27/hour

o  RBT with 7 years of experience: $28/hour

o  RBT with 8 years of experience: $29/hour

o  RBT with 9 years of experience: $30/hour


Behavior Technician (RBT) in college pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree:

o  RBT with 1 year of undergraduate college coursework: $22/hour (Base Rate)

o  RBT with 2 years of undergraduate college coursework: $23/hour

o  RBT with 3 years of undergraduate college coursework or conferred associate degree: $24/hour

o  RBT with 4 years of undergraduate college coursework: $25/hour

o  RBT with a conferred bachelor’s degree: $26/hour

o  RBT with 1 year of graduate coursework: $27/hour

o  RBT with 2 years of graduate coursework: $28/hour

o  RBT with 3 years of graduate coursework: $29/hour

o  RBT with a conferred master’s degree: $30/hour

o  RBT with 4 years of graduate coursework: $31/hour

o  RBT with 5 years of graduate coursework: $32/hour

o  RBT with a conferred doctoral degree: $35/hour

If you are in school AND have relevant work experience, add an additional $1 per hour for every year(s) of experience. (++)

For example, an RBT with an associate degree and 2 years of experience would start at $26 per hour.

To be considered a Student Analyst you must be an RBT pursuing higher credentialing as a BCaBA or BCBA:

o  Undergrad that has begun taking ABA coursework.

o  Have a conferred associate’s and or bachelor’s degree with ABA coursework.

o  Currently enrolled in an ABA graduate program, graduate certificate for a BCaBA, or a master’s in ABA for a BCBA.

o  Have a conferred graduate degree (master’s or doctoral).

++ If you are a Student Analyst and can tell me what schedule of reinforcement this sliding scale is, you will start at $1 higher an hour than what your base rate would be based on your coursework and experience.

Your status as a current student, your conferred degree, and your work experience will need to be verified. Please email a copy of your degree(s) and or your class schedule for the current semester as an attachment as soon as possible with your resume to: [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to review this job posting!

We wish you luck with your employment journey.


$20 - $35 per hour