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The Community Success Manager (CSM) will be a personal (in-person, on the ground) point of contact with 896 families across (4) apartment communities helping connect families to benefits.


Community Success Manager (CSM)

Updated: 3.5.24

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Viva  is a network of affordable housing that offers families a set of benefits, including health, education, and financial wellness, for example the opportunity to earn cash back from rent, which they can use to save, invest, and pursue their personal goals. We are creating equity for all through housing.

The Community Success Manager (CSM) will be a personal (in-person, on the ground) point of contact with 896 families across (4) apartment communities helping connect families to benefits.  These benefits include the Viva “financial wellness” package, but also free healthcare access from Teladoc, free tutoring from Learn To Be (non-profit), and other benefits that may arise.

Together with our partners - Veritas Impact Partners (non-profit), Kayne Anderson (owner), BH (property manager) - we provide a ‘continuum of care’ as represented by this one-pager.


  • (2) Openings
  • Can start immediately
  • Start date is negotiable
  • Reports To
  • Director of Community Success (Etna)
  • Part-Time Contractor
  • Minimum 10 hours per week
  • Maximum 40 hours per week
  • Travel to our apartment communities in the Greater Atlanta region is required
  • The 4 communities in burgundy red (Kayne Anderson) are the ones this position will be supporting.  See this map -
  • Travel mileage will be reimbursed
  • You will establish a relationship with property management and be welcomed into the community, including via email / text announcement to the residents
  • You will be able to complete your work during times when management is on site to provide support, and during daylight hours
  • Flexible Schedule
  • You will have clear goals but can determine the days / times that you accomplish the work
  • Note: You will want to make yourselves available to residents including at the times they are available, so some evenings and weekends are ideal


  • Pay range is commensurate with experience: $20 - $35 / hr.
  • Will revisit and renegotiate as appropriate no later than 180 days after start

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Become familiar with the Viva team
  • Meet the Director of Community Success who is your manager
  • Meet the Director of Product (Karina) who is very interested in feedback from families to improve the Viva product
  • Meet our leadership team
  • Join our (virtual) all-hands meeting (1x per week)
  • Learn the Viva story and how to tell your version of that story
  • Become familiar with the Viva product
  • Download and onboard with the app
  • Write down or ask lots of questions
  • Have a 1:1 user interview session with the Director of Product
  • (we do this often with families)
  • Learn how to motivate and coach our resident families to access the app
  • Become familiar with the other benefits available to our resident families
  • Healthcare via Teladoc
  • Tutoring via Learn To Be
  • Become familiar with our on the ground partners
  • Veritas Impact Partners (non-profits)
  • Their Resident Engagement Coordinators (RECs)
  • Their leadership (Yasmin)
  • Kayne Anderson (owner)
  • BH (property manager)
  • You will meet and develop warm first-name relationships with all of the property management (and maintenance) staff at each of the 4 properties
  • You should feel like an extension of the team
  • While you will be focused on achieving our Viva team goals, you can help each of our partners achieve some of their goals, to be a team player, and as a form of reciprocity
  • Engage residents in person
  • The primary way to engage residents is to knock on their door and talk them up
  • Our partner - Veritas Impact Partners (non-profit) has built their model around this basic premise
  • Across 2 weeks our leadership team - Michael (CEO), Jessica, Lee (Advisor) - knocked on 1,500 doors primarily in these (4) apartment communities and talked with nearly 500 residents - and they have affirmed that the in-person point of contact is essential, so the strategy is tried and true, and the resident families are encouraging us to continue!
  • We will co-create and role play a script that never ‘hard sells’ a service, but simply educates families that their apartment owner and manager in partnership with Veritas (non-profit) and Viva are offering free resources, and your job is to help make sure they are aware and taking advantage of these resources!
  • We are genuinely curious about the needs and goals of each family, and the Viva app itself makes this a priority when they onboard
  • You are encouraged to participate in, or plan and execute, in-person gatherings or events, such as monthly resident council meetings, however, these activities should be considered supplemental to the primary knock and talk strategy
  • Follow up with residents remotely
  • You will have a work phone number (Google Voice) that you can use to text and connect with residents with whom you have engaged and formed a relationship
  • However, other members of the team will be focused on remote engagement, so your texts / calls should be in service of (a) actively helping residents you connected with access benefits they have expressed interest in, or (b) coordinating time to connect in person
  • Track resident engagement
  • You will access a shared team tracker that monitors which residents have (1) expressed interest in a benefit, including Viva, and which residents have (2) actually accessed that benefit successfully
  • Our goal will be to simply move all residents to (1) where there is a legitimate need or interest, and then move all residents to (2) once they express an interest


  • An intellectually curious generalist or ‘T-shaped’ professional
  • Aspiration to learn about early-stage startups
  • Motivated to help people: e.g. Viva is focused on creating equity for all through housing
  • Bilingual fluency preferred: English, Spanish
  • Social Workers encouraged
  • 2+ Years Experience preferred:
  • Helping deliver benefits (eg: health, education, financial inclusion) directly to diverse families in an urban context


$20 - $35 per hour