Victoria Fide Consulting LLC Project Manager Remote · Full time

The Project Manager will serve as the primary authority figure and business ambassador on client projects.


Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Manager will play a leading role in driving success with their projects as they work closely with their project team in delivering exceptional results. The Project Manager will manage projects through all phases of the Victoria Fide Process for Transformational Change. Their leadership will be instrumental in cementing trusted advisor relationships with all clients.

Duties include:

  • Set and manage client expectations
  • Define project objectives, impact, and critical success factors
  • Educate joint team on the Victoria Fide Process for Transformational Change
  • Maintain and communicate the Project Plan
  • Manage the SOW scope, budget, and timeline
  • Realistically assess customer requests and provide timely feedback
  • Differentiate between critical and non-critical items and triage according to their impact
  • Facilitate open and honest project progress assessments and disclose unanticipated difficulties as soon as possible
  • Lead key client-facing meetings and actively contribute to project discussions
  • Monitor client progress to ensure requirements are fulfilled on time
  • Manage important client activities and deliverables
  • Educate client on change management strategies and help guide them
  • Monitor and enforce conformance to the Victoria Fide Process for Transformational Change
  • Manage risk and issue mitigation, surfacing solutions with timely reporting and communication
  • Escalation management
  • Prepare and process Change Orders in timely fashion
  • Administrative functions
  • Weekly Project Status Reporting
  • Project Financial Reporting
  • Client Billing and Collections
  • Project Resource forecasting
  • Pursue follow up business opportunities

Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 3 years of ERP experience
  • At least 1 year of Project Management oversight
  • Great leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively for the best interests of the business and the team
  • Ability to work primarily independently and concurrently on multiple projects
  • Understanding of basic project management methodologies