US Outfitters LLC Joiner Carpenter Philadelphia, PA · Full time

US Outfitters is looking for a full time Joiner Carpenter in the Philadelphia Shipyard



Must be able to perform all aspects of Marine Interior Carpentry

Installation of wall Systems

·      Softcore panels - Hard panels - Honeycomb panels - sheet metal

·      Performing the layout for top and bottom track from drawings  

·      The installation of top and bottom track for these systems. This includes tack welding track and supports needed

Installation of ceiling systems

·      Solid panel type - pan type - gap type and drop type acoustic ceilings

·      Performing the layout for ceilings from drawings

·      Installation of hangers and supports for ceilings. This includes tack welding supports needed for this system

Joiner doors

·      Interior - Exterior weather tight – Sliding – Rollup - Classified doors

·      Install bolt in doors, tack weld doors in place, where solid welding is required


·      Wooden - Metal - Composite

·      Desk, berths, tables, cabinets, lockers, countertops etc.

Galley Equipment

·      Range, oven, mixer, fryer, Ice machine, coffee maker, Refrigerators, ventilation hoods etc.

Qualifications/Skill Requirements

·      3 - 5 years’ experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified

·      Solid background in reading and understanding drawings and other documents

·      Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills

·      Solid communications skills with others

·      Assist in resolving problems with alterative solutions

·      Be active in team and morale building throughout all job duties

·      Keep Safety in front of all things we do including following all USO and job specific safety procedures

·      Ability to work in noisy and hot or cold environments

·      Ability to work outside of normal working hours

·      Ability to foster a cooperative work environment

·      Ability to work neatly and cleanly

·      Work is performed at heights which sometimes requires work to be done out of a man lift or scissor lift

Physical Demands

·      Considerable physical effort of hands and arms required

·      Occasionally lift and/or move objects with considerable weight

·      Work in overhead structures and around and beneath machinery

·      May be required to return to work when major problems are encountered on off-shifts or weekends

·      Ability to continuously stand or walk

·      Ability to bend, squat, climb stairs, and lift

Work Environment

  • Availability to work overtime, nights, and weekends
  • Long periods outdoors, exposed to various types of weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold
  • Potential exposure to loud noises, harmful materials, such as chemicals, fumes, odors, smoke or dangerous machinery


·      State of federal issued ID

·      Authorized to work in the USA

·      Background check will be performed

·      Must be able to pass a drug screen


$24 - $28 per hour