Two Sons Construction, LLC Painter Wanted - Growing Construction Company Seeks Painter Moyock, NC · Remote · Part time

Growing Construction Company Seeks Painter


Position Overview:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced painter to join our team. As a painter, you will be responsible for applying paint, varnishes, and other coatings to various surfaces to enhance their appearance, protect them from damage, and ensure a high-quality finish. Your expertise and attention to detail will contribute to the overall aesthetics of our projects.


1. Prepare Surfaces: Clean, sand, and prime surfaces prior to painting to ensure proper adhesion and smooth finishes.

2. Paint Application: Apply paint, varnishes, and other coatings using brushes, rollers, or sprayers while adhering to established techniques and standards.

3. Color Matching: Mix paints to achieve desired colors and accurately match existing shades.

4. Surface Protection: Select appropriate coatings and sealants to protect surfaces from weather, moisture, and other environmental factors.

5. Quality Control: Inspect finished surfaces for imperfections, blemishes, or other defects, and perform necessary touch-ups or rework as required.

6. Equipment Maintenance: Clean and maintain painting equipment, tools, and materials to ensure their longevity and proper functioning.

7. Safety Compliance: Adhere to safety guidelines and use protective equipment to minimize the risk of accidents or exposure to hazardous materials.

8. Project Coordination: Collaborate with project managers, contractors, and other team members to plan and execute painting projects efficiently and effectively.

9. Documentation: Keep accurate records of paint quantities used, color codes, and project timelines to facilitate project management and future reference.


1. Experience: Proven experience as a painter or similar role, demonstrating a track record of successful projects and quality craftsmanship.

2. Technical Skills: Proficient in various painting techniques, including brushwork, rolling, and spraying. Familiarity with color mixing, surface preparation, and coating selection.

3. Knowledge: Understanding of different paint types, their properties, and applications on different surfaces. Knowledge of safety practices and regulations related to painting.

4. Attention to Detail: Meticulous in ensuring smooth finishes, color accuracy, and surface quality.

5. Physical Stamina: Capable of standing, bending, and lifting for extended periods. Ability to work at heights and in various weather conditions.

6. Problem-Solving: Resourceful in identifying and resolving painting-related challenges or issues that may arise during projects.

7. Communication Skills: Effective verbal and written communication skills to coordinate with team members and convey project-related information.

8. Time Management: Ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

9. Professionalism: Demonstrates a strong work ethic, reliability, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

We offer competitive compensation packages and opportunities for growth within our organization. If you have a passion for painting and a keen eye for detail, we invite you to apply for this position. Join our team of skilled construction specialists and contribute to creating beautiful, lasting finishes.


$500 - $1,000 per week