Twin Cities Flight Training Inc Aviation Maintenance Technician Blaine, MN · Full time

Perform and record maintenance inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance on piston-powered aircraft within the flight training fleet.


Aviation Maintenance Technician 

Role Purpose:

The Aircraft Maintenance Technician performs maintenance inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance on piston-powered aircraft within the flight training fleet. The technician will manage fleet maintenance to ensure compliance with all applicable federal regulations associated with Part 91 and 141 operations. While maintaining the airworthiness of the flight school fleet, the aircraft maintenance technician will create and maintain a sense of safety and professionalism. A successful candidate will keep a growth-centered individual and team mindset that encourages the implementation of new systems and technology to increase the efficiency and accuracy of maintenance operations.

Main Directives

  • Knows, understands, and ensures compliance with all applicable FAA regulations and associated maintenance requirements related to Part 91 and 141 operations.
  • Represents Twin Cities Flight Training, Inc. internally and externally with industry groups and regulatory bodies
  • Participates in the development, communication, and implementation of efficient procedures, policies, and effective growth strategies for the maintenance department
  • Establishes and maintains a positive working relationship and acts as a liaison between the company, its clients, and the FAA


Department Staff

  • Presents a healthy personality that promotes employee engagement, happiness, customer loyalty, safety, integrity, and overall excellence
  • Ensures safety by maintaining clean, organized shop facilities and practices safe procedures required to fulfill responsibilities
  • Coordinates with General Manager and other functional leaders to communicate interrelated activities required for smooth, integrated business operations
  • Sustains a workspace of welcome, safety, and belonging for employees and customers.

Inspections and Internal Requirements

  • Performs inspections, repairs, preventative maintenance, and component changes; accompanying documentation is accomplished IAW the manufacturer or FAA approved procedures to ensure compliance with FAA regulations
  • Plans and coordinates with appropriate personnel, to schedule and perform required inspections, necessary repairs, and preventative maintenance during non-scheduled flight times
  • Coordinates with dispatch when maintenance begins (communicates what will be performed) and ends (communicates completion of what was performed) to return to service
  • Opens inspection/repair tasks, communicates, and records progress through work orders while tasks are in progress
  • Reviews and compiles all necessary paperwork for each maintenance event to verify accurate and complete records at work order closing as required for internal maintenance filing
  • Presents completed paperwork to appropriate personnel for review promptly after completion of maintenance to confirm details and accuracy before closing work orders.

Squawks and Repair

  • Acts as a point of contact for maintenance discrepancies (squawks) related to the fleet with an understanding of requirements for airworthiness
  • Responds to squawks appropriately and in a timely manner
  • Coordinates with leadership personnel on the timely communication and correction of all mechanical repairs
  • Reports to the General Manager with the current airworthiness status of the flight school fleet, forecasting
  • downtimes to facilitate maintenance scheduling at optimal times and ensure timely customer rescheduling for correction of aircraft discrepancies

Record Keeping

  • Ensures completion of all maintenance record keeping, including maintenance and disposition of those records ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Develops methods for regular auditing of maintenance records and logbook entries to ensure complete and compliant records
  • Maintains all necessary records and logbook entries, including certification, in aircraft permanent maintenance records ensuring that the aircraft is approved to be in service
  • Ensures that required logbook entries are entered in airplane maintenance records before aircraft are returned to service after maintenance has been performed
  • Maintains accurate work order time clock entries to ensure all department time on the floor is assigned to appropriate tasks

Parts, Inventory, and Workspace

  • Pays attention to fleet aircraft, tooling, equipment, materials, and inventory for the maintenance department
  • Keeps track of parts inventory to avoid return to service delays and to maintain necessary stock for shop
  • supplies
  • Submits order requests for necessary or low-inventory parts


  • Aware of activities within the hangar shop and on the adjacent ramp and works as a team member to aid other personnel, customers, and visitors
  • Develops, communicates, and maintains processes that support regular safety-centered practices necessary for safe operations
  • Develops, makes suggestions, and performs procedures to maintain a clean, organized, and professional workspace

Maintenance Software Systems

  • Responsible to learn and understand all maintenance software systems used within the department
  • Maintains maintenance software systems to verify proper use, proper recording, and complete record entries
  • Offers suggestions for the integration of new software and systems to streamline department processes


Minimum Experience

  • 1-3 years of general aviation maintenance experience, including 141 flight school operations, or equivalent operational experience to include familiarity with aircraft maintenance scheduling, maintenance records management, and customer relations
  • Experience with aircraft maintenance management and record-keeping programs
  • Must have knowledge of, and maintain a current file of all applicable FARs
  • Experience with setting standards and operational guidelines


  • Current and valid FAA-issued Aircraft and Powerplant (A&P) Certificate
  • Possess adequate tools
  • Ability to prepare and complete maintenance reports/work orders
  • Ability to read and interpret technical manuals, drawings, and schematics
  • Strong communication (written and verbal)
  • Subject to pre-employment and ongoing random drug testing
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must have authorization to work in the U.S.

Desired Qualities

  • FAA Inspection Authorization
  • Avionics troubleshooting ability and experience with modern avionics
  • Proficiency with computers and Microsoft Office products
  • Ability to interface and communicate well with customers, vendors, staff team members, and leadership
  • staff members
  • Team-oriented disposition


$26 - $32 per hour