Traylortranspo Freight Broker/ Sales Executive - Dallas TX Dallas, TX · Remote · Full time

We are actively looking for motivated Sales professionals who aspire to advance their careers as we expand throughout North America. Our unique culture and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service are instrumental to our success. Join us in our pursuit of excellence!


Over the past five years, TraylorTranspo has experienced a remarkable transformation. Since November 2018, this small business that was once run by one individual as a lease driver morphed into an impressive 7-figure Light asset based freight brokerage, Our aim is to expand and establish a presence in all Southern Regions.

We offer a range of benefits and perks to support your success:

  • Work Space Access in DFW, Austin & Houston
  • Car Package (Maintenance/Gas)
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Carrier Pool
  • Marketing Material & I pad + Company Phone
  • Back Office Support & Instant Quoting Tools

Role and Responsibilities:

  1. Client Acquisition: Actively prospect and acquire new clients for the 3PL services, which may include freight management and transportation.
  2. Build and Maintain Relationships: Develop strong relationships with clients to understand their logistics needs and provide tailored solutions.
  3. Product Knowledge: Have a deep understanding of the 3PL services offered, including transportation modes, warehousing capabilities, and supply chain management.
  4. Market Analysis: Stay informed about market trends, industry developments, and competitor offerings to position the company's services effectively.
  5. Customized Solutions: Collaborate with clients to design and propose customized logistics solutions that meet their specific requirements and challenges.
  6. Negotiation: Negotiate pricing, contracts, and service agreements with clients to ensure a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership.
  7. Sales Targets: Work towards achieving or exceeding sales targets and goals set by the 3PL company.
  8. Cross-Selling: Identify opportunities to cross-sell additional services or upsell existing services to maximize revenue from existing clients.

Skills and Qualities:

  1. Sales Skills: Strong sales and negotiation skills to effectively communicate the benefits of the 3PL services and close deals.
  2. Industry Knowledge: A good understanding of logistics, supply chain management, and the broader transportation industry.
  3. OD - Freight knowledge
  4. Understanding Flatbed Freight
  5. Experience with Custom Brokers Preferred
  6. Experience with RFPs preferred.
  7. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to convey complex logistics solutions in a clear and understandable manner.
  8. Relationship Building: The ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, fostering trust and loyalty.
  9. Analytical Skills: Use data and market insights to analyze client needs and propose effective solutions.
  10. Adaptability: The logistics industry can be dynamic; adaptability is crucial to navigate changes in client requirements or market conditions.
  11. Customer Focus: Prioritize customer satisfaction and work to understand and meet the unique needs of each client.

Pay & Benefits:

  • 1099 Position
  • Commission Only (Uncapped) 10 - 30% Gross Profit based on experience and Profit.
  • Bi - Weekly Payroll
  • Comprehensive HealthCare Benefits

+ Quarterly Performance Bonus


$55,000 - $145,000 per year