Transitional Care Physicians of America Vaccine Champion Atlanta, GA · Full time

Vaccine Champion


We are looking for a skilled vaccine nurse manager ("Vaccine Champion") with a broad understanding of vaccine safety procedures to administer vaccinations at our partner facilities. You will be responsible for keeping a record of patients' vaccinations, offering and administering vaccines, the vaccines' proper storage, and monitoring patients' reactions to the shots they received.

To be successful as a vaccine nurse, you must have an excellent knowledge of the vaccination protocol set out by the Center for Disease Control. This position would require the nurse to be passionate about education and having a 'go getter' and outgoing personality.

This position would require traveling to on-site clinics in and surrounding the Atlanta area of Georgia appx 1-2 days a week, the rest of the week would be working remotely, on average.

Nurse Responsibilities:

  • Offering education and vaccine clinics to facilities, maintaining log and schedule for clinics.
  • Administering vaccines to patients.
  • Drafting immunization programs for patients and facilities.
  • Monitoring patients' reactions to vaccinations during the administration of shots.
  • Implementing and adhering to infection-control policies and procedures.
  • Keeping patients calm and establishing trust.
  • Complying with recordkeeping and reporting standards as set out by the CDC and the healthcare facility.
  • Ensuring that vaccinations are stored correctly and securely.
  • Maintaining the inventory of supplies needed to administer the shots.

Nurse Requirements:

  • LPN or RN, active in Georgia (or multi-state license).
  • Prior experience with vaccine administration (experience with GRITS a plus).
  • Wide knowledge of flu vaccinations, safety procedures, and storage protocols.
  • Patience and compassion for patients with physical, mental, and emotional issues.
  • The ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great attention to detail.