The Potty School® Special Needs Potty Training Consultant Remote · Part time

Phone/Zoom and in-person Special Needs Potty Training Consultant


This role is perfect for you if you're:

  • Looking for part-time work serving special needs families around the globe
  • Willing to serve a variety of clients from various backgrounds, religions, family make-ups, ages, preferences for types of medical care, political preferences, and with both neuro-typical and neuro-atypical children, and their adults
  • Have experience working with toddlers to elementary-aged children with special needs (primarily ages 0-10 years old) for at least 2+ years (ideally 5+ years)
  • Comfortable working alongside families with varying special needs (often children on the spectrum, but a variety of special circumstances; including, but not limited to, limited mobility or non-mobile, limited speech or non-verbal, Downs Syndrome, low muscle tone, lacking impulse control, chromosomal abnormalities, post-surgical, terminal, trauma survivors, multiples, etc.)
  • Educated in special needs. You do not need to have a certain degree in order to apply for this position. That said, please do list any certifications, degrees, and experience you have (professionally, personally and in any volunteer roles)
  • Able to convey your suggestions understandably and eloquently - both kindly and with confidence - in-person, via phone/video chat and via email
  • Confident and above-average proficiency in the English language, both written and spoken (second languages are a plus)
  • You're willing to widen how "potty training" is done past what you've been taught/your personal experiences
  • Adaptable and willing to pitch in to help with administrative tasks/social media if needed
  • Are interested in researching/learning what you may not know (often alongside a co-worker, or medical doctor or medical facility)
  • Truly desire to serve our clients and are willing to help shape the future of how we treat our special needs families
  • Are willing to admit when something is past your current abilities, yet also willing to take on challenging cases as need be
  • Are able to help de-escalate children with special needs, and stressed out adults
  • Able to keep scheduled meetings and consultations regularly, and conduct them without interruption
  • Able to regularly, properly and promptly submit expense receipts
  • Willing to pitch in where needed in any other business-related tasks

This job will require:

  • Remote work (in a quiet, uninterrupted environment for consultations)
  • Travel (via plane, car, ride-hailing apps, and possibly public transportation) for home consultations and possibly an annual company conference
  • Consultation hours are flexible and mostly on your proposed schedule. Most hourly consultations will be done within the hours of 7am - 6pm PDT work day (though we do ask for some flexibility in scheduling for international clients)
  • 5-30 hours per week + some overtime for home consultations. Willingness, and availability, to travel at least twice monthly (for 3-5 days, including travel days) w/some overtime (most travel will be during the summer & early fall, May - October). Weekly hourly fluctuation is to be expected.
  • Ability to carry 25 pounds
  • Ability to enter a personal residence that you have not been to previously
  • All work hours will be in at least 2-hour segments
  • All overtime must be pre-approved
  • A yearly background check that must be passed

Compensation, see below for salary range.

  • Home consultations will include company-paid travel expenses, paid travel time, meal stipends, overtime and overnight accommodation, as necessary, and mandated per law.


$15.5 - $35 per hour