The Plant Peddler Horticultural Quality Control & Training Technician Smyrna, GA · Full time

The Quality Control Technician and Trainer is responsible for helping to ensure that The Plant Peddler accounts reflect the company’s high quality standards. This position is also responsible for fill-in service and ongoing technician training.


About The Plant Peddler

The Plant Peddler is a fast-growing interior plant design and maintenance service provider that has been beautifying Atlanta since 1983. The business maintains interior plants and plantscapes, ranging from desktop orchids to multi-story green walls, for businesses throughout the Atlanta Metro.

Technical Duties

  • Exhibit a strong knowledge of interior plant identification and care including correctly diagnosing and treating insects and diseases as necessary and properly applying pesticides, fertilizer and supplemental nutrients as needed
  • Assist plant technicians with cleaning and pruning plants utilizing proper pruning techniques
  • Assist plant technicians with replacing topdressing and cleaning containers as needed
  • Learn plant locations in all accounts and update plant inventories as needed
  • Identify and promptly inform department supervisor of account problem areas and make plant replacement recommendations
  • Identify and assist department supervisor with additional technician training needs

Customer Service Duties

  • Develop and nurture ongoing relationship with contacts at all accounts.
  • Exhibit courteous behavior at all times while servicing accounts

Internal Communication & Responsibilities

  • Promptly inform supervisor of any inability to complete the day’s work as scheduled
  • Inform supervisor or sales department personnel of potential new sales opportunities
  • Exhibit respectful behavior with all members of The Plant Peddler team
  • Be receptive to constructive criticism from management personnel