The Engineered Innovation Group Unreal Engine Developer Remote · Full time

Unreal Engine Developer


Please note: This job posting is not for immediate hire but rather an opportunity to submit an application for future consideration.

We are seeking a talented and dedicated Unreal Engine Developer for a 6-month contract-to-hire role, specifically focusing on creating high-fidelity digital humans. This exciting project requires a unique blend of artistic vision and technical expertise, primarily utilizing Unreal Engine and C++.

If you have a deep passion for digital animation and motion capture, this opportunity is tailor-made for you. This role offers the unique chance to delve into high-fidelity digital human creation, where your enthusiasm for animation and motion capture technologies will be at the forefront of your daily work. You'll be part of an innovative project that blends cutting-edge technology with creative artistry, making it an ideal fit for someone who thrives in a dynamic and pioneering environment in the realm of digital human simulation.

About The Company  

Founded in December 2021 by Jake Miller, the Engineered Innovation Group is an innovation agency with the mission to help organizations create new and meaningful useful products and services that drive growth and a competitive edge. We are a fast-paced team developing minimally viable and minimally marketable SaaS products for startups and corporate innovation partners.

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EIG is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, with an office on Monument Circle, but we are a remote-first workforce. We believe people should be able to live and work wherever they choose.

Our Core Values (And we take them seriously)


We build trusted relationships with our employees, contractors, customers, vendors, and partners. Trust encompasses delivering projects on time, delivering quality work, and ensuring the privacy and protection of our customers’ proprietary information.

Insatiable Curiosity

We are incredibly curious, whether it is people, technologies, or academics. Our curiosity fuels our ability to discover possibilities and make them a reality.


We believe the world is full of opportunities, and even failures are opportunities. Our job is to identify and leverage the opportunities to make a positive impact.


Not only does science reveal that the crux of creativity is in having a team of diverse backgrounds and voices, but it is also the right thing to do. 

Measured Creativity

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not free form. Creativity is served by free-form thinking and techniques, but we believe creativity is as much science as an art.

About You

  • Digital Human Enthusiast: You want to create high-fidelity digital humans, with Unreal Engine as your tool of choice.
  • C++ Expertise: Proficient in C++, you can write efficient code essential for detailed digital human simulations.
  • Unreal Engine Savvy: Your skill set extends beyond traditional game development, focusing on Unreal Engine for realistic human character creation.
  • Metahuman Experience (Bonus): Experience with Unreal Engine's Metahuman technology is highly valued for this project.
  • Creative Problem Solver: You bring innovative solutions to unique challenges in digital human simulation.
  • Team Player: Your ability to collaborate effectively is crucial as you will work closely with a diverse team dedicated to digital human technology.

Why You Will Love It

  • Innovative Project: Engage in pioneering work in MetaHuman technology, contributing to a cutting-edge project.
  • Skill Development: Enhance your artistic and technical prowess in the niche area of digital human simulation.
  • Collaborative Environment: Work in a collaborative and supportive team pushing the envelope in digital human technology.

What You Will Do

  • Realistic Digital Human Creation: Utilize Unreal Engine, MetaHuman add-in, and C++ to craft lifelike digital humans for diverse applications, extending beyond gaming.
  • Focus on Realism and Efficiency: Strive for the highest level of realism in digital human representation, ensuring efficient performance across platforms.
  • Creative and Technical Synergy: Collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams to meld artistry with technology in digital human creation.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving: Tackle complex technical problems unique to digital human simulation and animation.
  • Design and Development Input: Actively contribute to our digital human projects' artistic and technical sides.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • C++ and Unreal Engine Experience: Robust background in C++ and deep familiarity with Unreal Engine, especially in creating realistic human characters.
  • Metahuman Expertise (Desired): Prior experience with Metahuman technology or similar platforms for digital human creation is a significant advantage.
  • High Fidelity and Performance Optimization: Proficiency in achieving high fidelity in digital human creation while optimizing for performance.
  • Artistic and Technical Acumen: Ability to harmonize artistic vision with technical requirements in digital human simulation.
  • Strong Communicator: Excellent communication skills for effective multidisciplinary collaboration.
  • Relevant Educational Background: A degree in computer science, digital arts, animation, or a related field is preferred but not mandatory.