The Cookie Society LLC Production Facility General Manager Frisco, TX · Full time

As the Production Facility General Manager, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our production facility.


  • Production Oversight:
  • Lead and manage the production team, ensuring that cookies are produced to the highest quality standards.
  • Develop and implement production schedules to meet demand and maximize efficiency.
  • Monitor production processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement improvements as necessary.
  • Inventory Management:
  • Maintain accurate records of raw materials, ingredients, and finished goods.
  • Coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely and cost-effective procurement of ingredients and packaging materials.
  • Implement inventory control measures to minimize waste and optimize stock levels.
  • Quality Control:
  • Establish and enforce quality control standards to maintain the consistency and taste of our cookies.
  • Conduct regular inspections and quality checks throughout the production process.
  • Team Management:
  • Hire, train, and supervise production staff, ensuring a safe and productive working environment.
  • Foster a culture of teamwork, accountability, and continuous improvement among the production team members.
  • Order Fulfillment:
  • Manage outbound orders to support our retail locations and distribution channels.
  • Ensure orders are accurately filled and delivered on time.
  • Address any order-related issues or discrepancies promptly and professionally.
  • Health and Safety:
  • Maintain a safe and sanitary production environment in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards.
  • Develop and enforce safety protocols and procedures for all production activities.


  • Proven experience in food production or manufacturing management.
  • Strong knowledge of food safety regulations and quality control practices.
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective communication and leadership abilities.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and production management software.


  • Competitive salary commensurate with experience.
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance options.
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • Free cookies!


$42,000 - $45,000 per year