The Center for Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety, LLC Testing Psychologist or Neuropsychologist Bel Air, MD · Part time

CTSA is searching for a Clinical Psychologist or Neuropsychologist to provide testing services for diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations for children and adults.



The Center for Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety, LLC, is a growing multidisciplinary mental health practice with a mission to become the premier integrative health and wellness resource for trauma and anxiety in our community. We have two locations (Bel Air and Nottingham), as well as a studio in Bel Air offering vibrational sound healing, yoga therapy, meditation, and more.

We are looking to meet the growing needs of our communities and add a Testing Psychologist or Neuropsychologist to our incredible, multidisciplinary team who has a passion for testing. The right candidate will have a fervent desire to be part of a team and collaborate with providers to support our clients. We have a robust referral list from our in-house psychiatric nurse practitioners and therapists, as well as a number of strong referral partners from the community seeking feedback for diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendations.

This is a W2 position, with full- or part-time options available. Work hours are highly flexible. Opportunities to supervise doctoral students for added compensation.

If this sounds like you, we welcome you to apply! Here's a little bit more about what it's like to work with us...

Let's be transparent.

We are looking for clinicians that do what they say they're going to do. The ones who show up, ready to do what's right even when no one else is looking. The ones who take pride in being in the honorable role of a helping professional, and feel that they are aligned with their purpose and their why. We are not looking for the ones who are on the hunt for the "next best thing" and feel like the grass is always greener. We want professionals who are down to earth, aligned with their purpose, and want to work for a practice that really cares.

Let's be clear.

Sometimes we're going to ask you to do things you don't feel like doing... Like completing your notes by 12 PM the next day or taking the extra step to reach out to a provider in our community to get an update on a client you both share. This might take time, and it will certainly take effort. But it shows our clients and our community that we are invested in their well-being, and we expect that of our clinicians.

Let's be good teammates.

We work hard and play hard. We want people on our team who are excited to be here and share in our shenanigans. We love being playful, creative, innovative, and offering services that no one else offers. We love supporting each other through the highs and lows - personally and professionally. If you're not interested in that, please don't apply.

Let's be an inspiration to each other.

We will not tolerate negativity, drama, or gossiping. Drama breeds negativity and we are fiercely protective of the healthy, supportive culture we've built and work hard to maintain. We believe that our work environment should be fun, challenging, and inspiring. We want people with positive attitudes that we can "do life" with, who are ready to inspire their coworkers, their clients, and their communities.

Let's talk about money.

Maybe we aren't the highest paying private practice, but we're not the lowest paying either. We offer our clinicians a fair rate, and in exchange for that, a ton of support. We have an onboarding and training program that supports you through your first 90+ days of employment. We set you up to be a source of empathy and authority in your community through social media and marketing content that you won't find elsewhere. We encourage you to grow clinically and become more than just a "sit and chat" clinician. We can fill any therapist's caseload in two weeks max that knows how to retain a client and has a flexible schedule. We do things for our clinicians that we don't have to do... But we do it because we want to and we care. If you're looking for a job with the highest paying salary, please don't apply here. Stick to private-pay.

What you will not like about CTSA.

We think it's a good idea to tell people what they're not going to like about us, right up front, so they can save themselves the time and not apply if they know it's not going to be a good fit. Here's what you should know...

   1. We have high expectations. We expect our clinicians to know how to provide evidence-based services in a way that our clients can heal. If our clinicians do not feel confident, we are ok with that, because we can help them grow and deepen their skills. But we do expect them to tell us so we can offer help.

   2. You can't cancel on your clients because you don't feel like talking to them that day. Cancellations are for emergency situations only.

   3. You must comply with our office policies. Policies are created to keep order and healthy boundaries, and we all know how much we need that!

   4. You must keep precise documentation and ensure it's done on time. We use this to ensure quality as well as make sure our clients are being served properly.

   5. You will be held accountable for the caseload you agree to see with us. We will provide support and a steady flow of referrals. But if you consistently fall short despite full support from leadership and our admin team, we will hold you accountable.

What you will LOVE about CTSA.

If those things above don't worry you, then keep reading. Because there is a lot to LOVE about us. We offer all the amazing things of a larger agency (good benefits, team culture, support), but with the private practice mentality. Here's what employees say they love about us...

   1. We are very fair. You might not love every policy or decision, but we are always fair.

   2. Our office staff couldn't be more supportive and amazing. They handle everything and they're literal Rockstars. That means you get to focus on what you're good at, and leave the administrative headaches to them.

   3. We love to get together for non-mandatory fun. We like each other. We know each other's struggles and families and growth edges, and we praise each other's accomplishments.

   4. We offer integrative services and love when our clinicians create groups, retreats, seminars, etc. grounded in the intersection of their passions/hobbies and their clinical skills. We almost always say yes to our clinicians' ideas! We offer a lot of creative freedom here, and we're proud of it.

   5. We care about you. We want to see you succeed, find your niche, and align with your purpose. We will invest in you if you invest in us. It's a two-way street.

We know this is a lot of info... But we believe it is crucial you know enough about us and our culture before you make a decision to apply. Please understand, we are not looking for people who are job hoppers. We are not interested in those seeking a 50 cent on the hour raise. We are looking for professional clinicians who truly want to feel like part of a team, and part of something bigger than themselves.

If that's you, then what are you waiting for? Read more about our position and fill out the application!


**We are particularly interested in licensed psychologists who have prior experience assessing ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism.**


* PhD or PsyD licensed in Maryland

* Testing or neuropsychological evaluation experience with children and adults

* Solid computer and basic technology skills

* Must be able to independently administer, score, and interpret psychological assessments

* Strong report-writing skills with fast turnaround

* Self-motivated and independent clinician able to build strong rapport with clients, colleagues and providers in the community


* The psychologist will be responsible for conducting psychological evaluations for our testing department with support from our assessment psychologists, testing technicians, and/or doctoral interns

* Administer, score, and interpret formal psychological assessments

* Conduct clinical interviews and feedback sessions with examinees

* Diagnose clients with behavioral and mental illness in keeping with the DSM-V-TR diagnostic criteria

* Document client records in our electronic health record system (Simple Practice)

* Write psychological reports

* Consult and lead Treatment Team Meetings with shared clients

* Maintain licensure in good standing with the state of Maryland

* Maintain code of ethics and confidentiality of all client information in keeping with HIPAA.

* Option to manage a small caseload of therapy clients

* Option to supervise testing technicians and/or doctoral interns

Perks: Our part-time benefits include:

  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible scheduling - create your own schedule (though we ask for part-time therapists to be available two evenings per week, or Saturdays)
  • 401(k) with 3% match (yes! Even for part-time employees!)
  • A minimum of 12 free CEUs offered per year
  • Multiple bonus pay opportunities (e.g., supervisor, groups, retreats, workshops)
  • Steady referrals
  • Full administrative support for scheduling/coordination, billing, and more, so you can focus on providing exceptional treatment (and not the other stuff)
  • Case consultation, peer education, and case conferences for continued support and learning
  • Fully furnished office spaces
  • A supportive, team-based environment

Perks: Robust full-time benefits package includes the above, plus:

  • Competitive pay with salary option
  • Paid time off
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Life insurance
  • Paid parental leave
  • Opportunities for employer-paid advanced certification and training


$50 - $75 per hour