The Better Pool Guy and Home Solutions, Inc. Pool Service Technician / Maintenance Clermont, FL · Full time

Pool and Spa Technicians are responsible for performing pool and spa maintenance, repair, and equipment installations for their company. They keep swimming pools in safe working order and provide preventive maintenance and ensure healthy conditions for the facility’s users. These workers are also tasked with measuring and balancing chemical components within pool water and ensuring that sanitizing chemicals are added at levels which balance human and environmental safety, and they may perform manual repair duties for the pool itself or its filtration systems.


Pool and Spa Maintenance Technicians are in charge of controlling automated control systems, as well as chemical and leak detection systems. They may be required to troubleshoot problems such as cloudy water, algae, mold growth, reports of health concerns from pool users, or other pool and spa issues.  They must interact with the client and explain their assessment  using concise, but non-technical language. Pool and Spa Maintenance Technicians confer with management to resolve problems and coordinate activities. One of their duties includes reading blueprints and manuals to determine requirements and plan procedures. They determine potential pool issues before they become a bigger inconvenience and cost to clients  and the company. Preventive maintenance, including chemistry testing, color comparison,  water balancing, filtration maintenance, reading and interpreting Material Safety Data Sheets, and other scheduled tasks are a large portion of the technicians responsibilities. Pool and Spa Technician workers must follow safety regulations, reading and interpreting material safety data sheets (MSDS),  properly handling pool chemicals and using any necessary personal protective equipment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Pool and Spa Technician / Maintenance
  • PST/M1 – Cleaner
  • M2/M2 – Operator
  • M3/M3 – Certified Operator (Registered Apprentice)
  • Maintain color, chemistry and clarity of pool water
  • Maintain water balance and saturation.
  • Performing routine maintenance and cleaning on swimming pools and spas.
  • Performing maintenance and cleaning on the swimming pool and spa tile / coping.
  • Completing filter maintenance
  • Performing water testing and calculating chemistry adjustments
  • Monitoring gauges and meters to determine water flow
  • Diagnosing water flow concerns
  • Controlling automation systems
  • Controlling chemical feeding systems
  • Working with hazardous chemicals
  • Performing a variety of plumbing maintenance
  • Performing preventive maintenance on pool equipment, and surrounding facilities
  • Manage customer accounts for weekly and periodic maintenance.
  • Planning pool routes for driving efficiency.
  • Detecting faulty operations and defective material and reporting those and any unusual situations to proper supervision
  • Performing site evaluations at current and new customer locations
  • Documenting customer equipment inventory and conditions
  • Completing work orders and documenting services performed, chemical adjustments, and current conditions of the pool.
  • Complying with Federal, State, and Health Department regulations.
  • Following chemical handling safety measures.
  • Attending to company vehicle service needs.
  • Responsible for company vehicle inventory and weekly cleaning and maintenance.
  • Perform caulking, painting, and other maintenance on swimming pool.
  • Reading and interpreting equipment manuals and work orders to perform required repairs.
  • Performing all duties in similar fashion on spas.
  • Maintain a clean and professional appearance, report to work on time and in clean uniform, and behave in a professional manner.
  • Completing work orders, inspection reports, and other forms to document job tasks and quality assurance.
  • Complying with safety regulations and maintaining clean and orderly work areas.
  • Performing other work-related duties as assigned
  • Continuously self assesses skill level, strives to be better, and successfully completes required training.


If no acceptable previous experience, training wage will apply that may be less than advertised wage.

Minimum Qualifications (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

Experience and education determine hiring level.

High school diploma/GED

Acceptance into an employer sponsored Registered Apprenticeship program.

Employed for a minimum 1 year with employer sponsor (some exceptions may be considered for prior industry work experience or pre-apprentice program completion).

Employer documentation demonstrating employability skills, including dependability and performance improvement and skills learning capabilities.

Completion of a craft apprenticeship, or an equivalent number of years of education and related maintenance experience

Four or more years of manufacturing experience; strong hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and industrial skills, trades skills in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

Trade Industry certification: PHTA Certified Pool Operator (CPO), Certified Maintenance Specialist (CMS), Certified Service Technician (CST), Certified Service Professional (CSP).

Associate’s degree. AA in mechanical, electrical, or industrial maintenance a plus

Must be highly motivated and able to work independently

Able to communicate effectively in spoken and written English


$17.8 - $23.11 per hour