The BACH Account Executive Remote · Full time

BACH is hiring a highly motivated account executive. Your role is to help BACH rapidly expand out supply inventory of experience providers and services our groups are actively seeking. You will also play a key role in BACH’s expansion; this could entail finding experiences for groups outside of BACH parties, opening up new cities, testing out new monetization verticals.


Own a Data Driven Roadmap

You will use AI lead sourcing and the data from our itinerary to find qualified leads to add to our marketplace. The data gathered will identify where you need to invest your energy and build supply to the BACH marketplace.

Understand New Market Opportunities

On top of finding leads through our own data, you will have your finger on the pulse of our top markets. You will have a deep understanding of existing gaps and growth opportunities in each marketplace city and will know what’s hot & up and coming.

Manage a Sales Pipeline

You have clear targets in place and will set up reporting structure on a weekly basis to go over sourcing, prospects in the funnel, and closing new business. You understand the various stages of closing a sale and can A/B test your script and processes to constantly improve your conversion rate and CLOSE THE DEAL!

New Vertical Expansion

You will lead new company initiatives to expand into new business verticals. BACH has the ability to open up to the broader group travel industry, to expand into group transportation and private dining, as well as expand into new cities. The opportunity for growth is endless and you will play a key role in determining the viability of opening up new monetization verticals.


$20 - $22 per hour