Templar Security Services Security Officer North Charleston, SC · Part time

We do security for a variety of locations including bars/clubs/restaurants/hotels/parking lots/special events and private detail


Varied hours- (but a 5 hour shift minimum)

Standing in place or being mobile on foot to patrol a perimeter.

Occasionally we operate a marked patrol car for larger sites.

Specific uniform that will be provided depending on the client's requests.

Most of our posts will go into the early hours of the morning (2:00 or 3:00am), but there are some posts that are early day shifts (6:00am start) as well as (9:00am-5:00pm) posts.

There will be a captain or a lieutenant to report to in most cases unless the guard is on a post alone, in which case the check in process will happen via communication apps.

We are a new company that is growing quickly and aiming to be known as the elite security provider for Charleston and other South Carolina cities. It is important to us to keep a "family feel" for our employees as we grow and we have a structure that is set up to do that!


$16 - $18 per hour