Swift Service Men Movers Specialized Equipment Mover/Driver Charlotte, NC · Part time

Special Items Team Member


Join our team as a Specialized Equipment Mover/Driver and handle the transportation of sensitive and specialized equipment for our clients. This role requires attention to detail and expertise in handling delicate items, such as pianos, art pieces, and high-value electronics.

Must Have

• Valid driver’s license with a clean record.

• Specialized training in handling delicate or high-value items (e.g., pianos, artwork).

• Experience in transporting sensitive equipment.

• Attention to detail and a gentle touch when handling fragile items.

• Customer-centric approach to ensure items arrive in pristine condition.

In the role, strong communication skills, physical fitness, and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service are essential. If you’re ready for a challenging yet rewarding career in the moving industry, apply now!


$20 - $30 per hour