Steyn Integrative Counseling, P.C. Psychotherapist Remote · Full time

A psychotherapist is responsible for managing a caseload consisting of 20-25 weekly client sessions. They may occasionally work with client support systems to coordinate care and will participate in staff meetings and weekly supervision. They will maintain a license in good-standing with the state of Illinois, conduct themselves ethically at all times and will maintain records in accordance with the standard of care. They approach their own inner world, their clients and colleagues with compassion and curiosity.



● Create and maintain a professional and approachable Psychology Today profile.

● Present self in a manner commensurate to the role of creating a safe, professional space for healing.

● Respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours.

● Add new clients to Practice Management Software (PMS).

● Schedule clients for sessions in office or telehealth using PMS.

● Send new clients online paperwork through PMS, review it and ensure compliance.

● Open and close office space when necessary.

● Maintain a hospitable, aesthetic atmosphere in waiting and office spaces.

● Conduct quality and effective therapy sessions measured by client symptom improvement,

satisfaction, retention, referrals, and graduation.

● Invoice and collect payments within 24-48 hours of conducting sessions in PMS.

● Send invoices, superbills, good faith estimates, consent documents, and update card information as requested or necessary in PMS.

● Document diagnosis and simple treatment plan in PMS within the first 3 “intake” sessions.

● Write a progress note in paragraph form for each session in PMS.

● Periodically review diagnosis and treatment plans and update as needed.

● Coordinate care with significant support systems when applicable (parents, etc)

● Maintain a reasonable waitlist when caseload is full.

● Conduct termination sessions and provide referrals when warranted.

● Attend occasional staff meetings.

● Attend weekly supervision meetings.

● Maintain an active license in good standing and provide practice with a copy..

● Alert supervisor by phone immediately to any situations presenting risk of any person’s well-being,

reporting to appropriate authorities when indicated.


● good organizational skills

● good written and verbal communication skills

● creative problem solving skills

● ability to handle social situations in a calm manner

● excellent interpersonal skills

● excellent ability to create a shame-free, safe space for clients

● demonstrate ease repairing with clients and colleagues when indicated

● demonstrate comfort deviating from cognitive/talk/insight-focused therapy in exchange for slowing things way down to help clients connect to and learn from their inner world


● master’s degree in counseling psychology

● experience in conducting therapy with adults, teens, and/or couples

● knowledgeable in evidence-based trauma-informed, somatic/experiential therapies (desire to approach healing from a root-cause, holistic viewpoint that is body-centered)

● ILLINOIS Licensed Professional Counselor (application submitted) or Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


● flexible, hybrid schedule

● Psychology Today and website profile

● weekly supervision

● 2 weeks PTO after 6 months

● unique google voice number with text

● complete online PMS (Simple Practice)

● e-mail address

● shared office space

● pay increases

● liability insurance


$55,000 - $80,000 per year