Stark - Beverly Hills / West Hollywood Dexa Technician WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA · Part time

We are looking for a Certified Dexa Technician to join our team!


Stark is an integrative health and fitness facility with a mission to transform the future of the healthcare industry. Our team is looking for a dedicated dexa technician to operate our in-house dexa scan. We use the dexa data to track/measure body composition as well as bone density to ensure we our students are progressing towards peak health.

Job Duties:

- Perform dexa scans

- Prepare patients for dexas and ensure high quality service/safety is provided.

- Position patients correctly and ensure their comfort and safety during imaging procedures.

- Operate and maintain imaging equipment to ensure accurate and high-quality images.

- Collaborate with the rest of the team to ensure top quality care and results for our students.

- Maintain patient records and documentation accurately and confidentially.

- Adhere to strict safety protocols and maintain a clean and organized work environment.

Job Requirements:

- Strong knowledge of dexa scans and machines

- Proficiency in using imaging equipment and software.

- Understanding of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.

- Excellent communication skills to interact with patients and healthcare professionals effectively.

- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

- Attention to detail to ensure accurate image acquisition and interpretation.

- Valid certification or license as required by state regulations.

- Ability to work efficiently in a team setting and share a common goal.

If you are a certified dexa tech with a passion for health and fitness, lets see if Stark is the right fit for you!


$26 - $31 per hour