Stark - Beverly Hills / West Hollywood Coach/Personal Trainer WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA · Full time

A Coach at Stark is a part of a dynamic team of fitness and health experts, and there are a lot of growth opportunities. What I'm looking for are passionate, full-time people to achieve excellence in the art of Coaching to push our Mission forward. Our top Coaches earn over 100k a year plus benefits (they are NOT required to sell packages). If Stark seems like a home for you, let's chat.


At STARK, we take “personal training” to another level. In fact, we don’t employ personal trainers -- we recruit, hire, and continually develop Coaches. As a Coach at Stark, you can display your enthusiasm for health and fitness in an incredible way. It’s not a job, it’s not even just a career – it’s a passion.

As a Coach, you will learn to manage a Student’s (NOT a “client”) program and keep them on a path that will lead to success. That path will include

A unique and personalized:

* Workout program

* Nutrition and Health Coaching Program

* Treatment Plan from our Naturopathic Doctor

* A Soft Tissue and Mobility Plan from our Chiropractor

* And much more

As a Coach, you will lead the charge on our 360-degree approach to health and fitness.

We are growing and looking for great people to join us in pushing our mission forward! For us, your character and passion is far more important than skill. STARK considers itself a tribe of good people who work on the frontier of health, kinesiology and fitness, not just a gym who employs "people." We are looking for both experienced and inexperienced candidates to become a part of our tribe.

Selected candidate will be invited to an on-boarding program which is a combination of online learning and in-house practical training. Your on-boarding schedule will be customized with you.

Job Types: Full-time

Good luck – and we can’t wait to meet you.


$50,000 - $120,000 per year