Special Event Flooring Technology LLC Fleet Manager Walkersville, MD · Full time

Special Event Flooring Technology LLC is seeking an eager, innovative, and driven person to optimize our fleet. A Fleet Manager is responsible for leading a team of Drivers to transport company goods efficiently. Their duties include creating work schedules and transportation routes for Drivers to pick up and deliver goods to the correct location, managing a budget for vehicle repairs and replacements and ensuring Driver candidates receive proper training to uphold safe driving standards.


What you will be expected to do?

A Fleet Manager performs many organizational and management tasks to monitor, maintain and improve a company’s transportation processes. Their duties and responsibilities include: 

  1. Purchasing vehicles to expand and/or enhance the fleet 
  2. Scheduling regular maintenance on all vehicles 
  3. Ordering urgent or emergency repairs as needed 
  4. Establishing efficient routes and transportation schedules 
  5. Coordinating Drivers and on-staff maintenance professionals when setting employee schedules 
  6. Managing vehicle licensure and registration 
  7. Ensuring all fleet members have proper licensure and up-to-date training 
  8. Monitoring Drivers to ensure adherence to schedules and proper driving practices 
  9. Searching for, hiring, and training new Drivers 
  10. Providing reports to management on budgeting, schedules, maintenance, and fleet progress 
  11. Developing methods to decrease cost and improve efficiency 
  12. Keep records, monitoring drivers' daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring their working hours and equipment availability.  

13. Provide daily and weekly reports to the CEO. 

What is required?

Required Education and Experience 


  1. Associate’s degree in logistics, business management, automotive technology, and any other related field. 
  2. Minimum of 3 -5 years in a sales or sales support experience, 3 years in fleet management, 2 years in trucking and transportation rules and regulations. 
  3. Experience overseeing freight for at least 10 drivers at a time. 


Preferred Education and Experience 


  1. CDL license. 
  2. Minimum of 5-7 years in a sales or sales support experience and 3 years in trucking and transportation rules and regulations. 
  3. Experience overseeing freight for at least 25 drivers at a time. 


$65,000 - $80,000 per year