Sparkles Car Wash Car Wash Attendant Lafayette, LA · Part time

Our team only hires the best! We are looking for an incredibly hardworking, friendly and reliable person to join our fast-paced Car Wash Attendant team. We are looking for an experienced individual who is able to work independently and prioritize daily tasks in order to meet specific goals.


Position Responsibilities:


1. Greet every customer with a friendly and welcoming smile, providing exceptional customer service.

2. Inform and enroll customers into the wash club membership programs.

3. Conduct visual inspections of vehicles to ensure their condition before sending them into the wash area.

4. Educate customers about add-on services to enhance their wash experience.

5. Perform visual inspections of each vehicle prior to entering the wash.

6. Utilize technology comfortably and efficiently.

7. Maintain the ability to stand for extended periods, endure all types of weather, and perform bending, twisting, and squatting without difficulty.

8. Direct and guide cars into the wash area with a focused and competent attitude.

9. Complete any other assigned duties.

Maintenance/Property Upkeep:

1. Conduct regular maintenance of washing equipment to ensure proper functionality.

2. Unclog vacuums, empty trash cans, and properly hang hoses.

3. Pressure carwash bays daily and keep them free of debris.

4. Clean the facility and ensure everything is organized and in its appropriate place.

5. Assist with property upkeep and equipment, which may involve lifting up to 55lbs.

6. Adhere to safety protocols and report any safety or maintenance issues to management.

7. Fulfill any other assigned duties.


1. Must be comfortable and experienced working in all weather conditions.

2. Strong working knowledge of carwash equipment and maintenance is highly desired.

3. Preferably, have 1-2 years of experience as a Wash Attendant or in a similar position.

4. Display a sense of urgency and prioritize customer needs.

5. Possess excellent customer service skills and maintain a courteous and professional attitude at all times.

7. Ability to follow directions accurately and complete tasks efficiently.

8. Physical fitness to handle the demands of the job.

9. Able to work outdoors and perform effectively in all weather conditions.

10. Demonstrate ethical behavior when interacting with colleagues and customers.

11. High school diploma or equivalent, with additional sales experience or training preferred.

13. Excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal skills.

14. Bilingual skills are highly advantageous.


$12 - $14 per hour