Southern Hotel The Gloriette Food Runner Brooklyn, NY · Full time

A Food Runner will be responsible for ensuring each customer's food order is delivered promptly and without mistakes. You will organize food tickets, communicate with kitchen staff to ensure each course is distributed and ready in order, and deliver the completed meals to the guest's table.



  • Follow all instructions from expeditor
  • Sort and organize incoming food tickets
  • Ensure each food ticket item is communicated to correct chef
  • Maintain orders according to each table and food ticket
  • Ensure each order is prepared to the restaurant's and guest's specifications
  • Garnish and prepare dishes for presentation as needed
  • Promptly deliver each course as it is prepared to the correct table and in order
  • Communicate clearly any additional orders or needs the guests may have to cook staff or expeditor
  • Serve water to guests and refilling beverage glasses as needed
  • Place and replace silverware as needed
  • Deliver beverages from the bartender
  • Answer guest questions or listen to their concerns
  • Remove guests' dirty dishes and utensils
  • Deliver used dishes and utensils to the kitchen for cleaning
  • Direct guests to restrooms or exits as needed
  • Assist kitchen staff with preparing ingredients


$9 - $10 per hour