Sierra Auto Fair weekends at Sierra College The Perfect ROCKLIN College Job Every Fri/Sat/Sun Rocklin, CA · Part time

Fri PM + Sat AM/PM + Sun AM/PM Shifts This is a permanent year-round weekend position, so local students and others are encouraged to apply!



Sierra Auto Fair is a privately operated business that operates this community event as a fund-raiser for the Sierra College Foundation every weekend since 1997, rain or shine. This is a retail-type position as event staff for an exciting ongoing weekend business where the general public can pay a flat fee to display their cars, boats, RV's & motorcycles for sale.  We are an event operations company, and this position is more about serving and interacting with people than it is about cars. We are not a car dealership or consignment lot, do not conduct test-drives, and do not have salespeople or in any way sell the vehicles! It entails mostly outdoor work in the Sierra College parking lot and a small office every weekend, with a lot of walking and a large variation in duties. 

We are a small team that takes care of each other and takes pride in taking care of our customers and their vehicles. We work hard and we have fun doing the right thing with excellence, and we pay high wages for high expectations. You will learn a lot about people and business working here, including how a business that values integrity operates.


As a staff member, you will perform a constant variety of activities, including:

·        Act as customer service agent for vehicle sellers dropping-off and picking-up their vehicles.

·        Set-up and take down the equipment used for the business (Signs, traffic flow devices, etc.) This does require some lifting.

·        Work on the lot as a parking attendant during vehicle arrival.

·        Open vehicles for buyers and monitor their inspections of the “for sale by owner” vehicles displayed at the event.

·        Maintain the premises inside and out and complete task checklists along with the rest of the staff.

·        Monitor, observe, and report activity on the lot on foot and via bicycle to help ensure vehicles remain safe.

·        Learn and consistently utilize instructed sales techniques to help people who inquire about selling their vehicles understand why the Auto Fair is the fastest, easiest, safest, & superior way to sell their Auto, Boat, RV, or Cycle.

·        Find gratification in an optimal customer experience! We don’t stop short of excellence here!


+People-skills: Bring a personal, friendly touch with a smile to customers.

+Willingness to learn and consistently utilize specified sales and customer satisfaction techniques.

+Responsible, reliable, self-disciplined, and self-motivated yet a team player.

+Willing and able to demonstrate assertiveness in a cordial manner when necessary.

+Work well within existing policy and procedures but has aptitude for problem solving.

  • Use our computer based point of sale and business management software.

+Valid driver’s license with an acceptable record.

+Be able to ride a bicycle.

+Meet a minimum lifting ability and other physical requirements of the job.

+Maintain a neat & professional appearance that visually instills trust with our customers.

+Pass a background check and drug testing.

+Adapt to, keep up with, and hustle in a fun and rapidly changing and often fast–paced on-demand environment, in the heat of summer, rain of winter, and everything in between.


***Required available time on Fri is 12:45 pm. (High School class of '24 it is ok if you are not avail until after school Fridays until you graduate,) Open availability is required on Sat /Sun. You must be available all of these times.

***Must be available most Fri / Sat./ Sun. on a year-round basis.  (Some planned time off is available, but regularly scheduled weekend activities or obligations, such as playing weekend sports, typically are not compatible.)

***This is NOT a summer or temp job***

***This is NOT an "extra money" job (We do not hire people who are already working full time jobs because we have found over our 27 years that working both is not sustainable long term, and as small crew we need consistency long term.)

99% of applicants did not read the posting in full.


**Please be sure you have read the above carefully before applying.**

Pay is $20/hr. to start.


$20 - $20 per hour