ROXBOX Containers Inc Mid-Level Fabricator Houston, TX · Full time

We are seeking a Mid-Level Welder to join our great company.


ROXBOX Containers is a modular building manufacturer that builds all types of structures out of shipping containers. We build bars, restaurants, event spaces, stages, kitchens, and many other types of structures. ROXBOX produces structures that are seen by tens of thousands of people across the US and beyond for the largest brands. Come join an awesome team and have your craftsmanship showcased all over the World!

In this position, you will work alongside a team of fabricators in our conditioned 32,000 square foot facility and sometimes on construction sites (minimal field time) as instructed by the Head of Steel. You will layout, cut, fit, grind and fabricate metal components to assemble structural and architectural forms using knowledge of welding techniques, sound fabrication practices, and engineering requirements. This is a fabrication position; not a “welding job”. Being a competent welder is required but we are a fabrication company. This job requires general construction knowledge including but not limited to framing, grinding metal, metal, painting, trim work, caulking, use of general tools, and other general tasks.


Mid-level experience: Worker with welding & fabrication experience. Minimum 3 years of construction/fabrication experience required. 

  • Must have good knowledge of MIG and Flux-Core welding processes
  • Must have a great work ethic and ability to work with others.
  • Weld tests required before hiring.
  • Report directly to Head of Steel for guidance and daily instruction
  • Must know standard computer operations and smartphone file/picture processing ability. 
  • Must have a vehicle with current insurance as may need to travel.
  • Compensation for travel mileage.
  • A team player able to work with peers taking direction from management.
  • Understanding of our shop and building fundamentals
  • Must supply personal basic welding protection equipment including but not limited to: welding mask, welding gloves, leather/fire rated clothing, respirator. 

Welder Duties and Responsibilities

  • Interpret architectural and structural drawings and plans; carry out work accordingly
  • Use of tools including but not limited to: welding machine, angle grinder, die grinder, drill press, metal/wood saws, drills, hammer, wrenches, sockets, paint machine
  • Set up and maintain welding machines without guidance
  • Use precision measuring tools in all aspects of fabrication
  • Use large bandsaw and/or cold saw
  • Weld parts in flat, vertical, and/or overhead positions

Beneficial skills not required

  • Welding certifications
  • OSHA training of any level
  • Carpentry or general construction experience
  • Experience driving forklifts
  • Master Welding Certificate
  • General Contractors License

If this sounds like a fit and you’re still interested, please apply & be sure to complete this brief 5 minute Culture Index Survey for consideration: 

Culture Index is a survey that identifies people's work styles, habits, and traits which helps us to better understand how individuals would integrate into ROXBOX. It's not an IQ test and there are no right or wrong answers - simply a way for our leadership team to further understand the people we bring on.


$22 - $25 per hour