Rebecca Blue Media JR. Content Producer Riverside, CA · Part time

Strategize, produce, post, and analyze social media content for RBM & clients alike.


A JR. Content Producer is expected to handle all aspects of social media management for 2-3 different brands (RBM and RBM's social media clients).


  • Create content for Facebook Instagram and TikTok using Adobe Creative Cloud suite
  • Moniter social analytics & report monthly
  • Schedule posts using Later
  • Find relevant curated content (research and share third-party content that will resonate to a targeted audience)
  • Engage with audiences
  • Devise social network strategies (You may need to create a campaign from scratch to promote a blog post, a service, or product)
  • Maintain a content calendar
  • Edit BTS videos and photos from various productions
  • BE CREATIVE! This isn't you're typical office environment, the more whacky & out-of-box your idea is, the better.

Skills & Requirements

  • You have to know how to use Premiere Pro - no video editing apps will suffice - sorry! (You'll probably use specific apps to create short-hand reels & tiktoks when needed, but Premiere Pro will be used for most things)
  • Research. You must come in knowing how to research trends, topics, and industry updates
  • Visual intelligence. You must have a general awareness of design to create visually appealing graphics to complement your posts.
  • Social media literacy. At the very least, you should know Facebook, TikTok and Instagram like the back of your hand.
  • Top-notch communication and writing skills are very important (as is a good sense of humor.) You'll be asked to post on behalf of multiple companies, therefore you will need to write in their brand voices seamlessly.
  • Being a “master-level gif hunter” isn't a requirement, but it never hurts!


$14 - $20 per hour