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As a Landscape Designer, you will work closely with clients to create aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor spaces that meet their needs and preferences. You will be responsible for developing landscape plans, selecting appropriate plants and materials, and overseeing the implementation of design projects. The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for landscape architecture, excellent design skills, and a comprehensive understanding of plants and environmental factors.


Role: Landscape Designer


- Conduct client consultations and needs assessments to understand their goals, preferences, and budget for the project.

- Develop landscape design plans, including conceptual sketches, layout drawings, and 3D renderings.

- Select suitable plant species and incorporate elements such as hardscapes, lighting, and irrigation systems into the plans.

- Collaborate with contractors, suppliers, and other professionals to ensure the proper execution of design plans.

- Present design concepts and plans to clients, addressing questions, concerns, and requests throughout the project timeline.

- Stay informed on current trends, techniques, and advancements in landscape design to continuously improve design offerings.


- Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture or a related field.

- Previous experience in landscape design or a similar role preferred.

- Proficiency in CAD software, 3D modeling software, and graphic design tools.

- Strong design skills, creativity, and ability to visualize and communicate design concepts.

- Knowledge of plants, horticulture, landscaping principles, and local regulations.

- Excellent communication, presentation, and project management skills.

- Valid driver's license and ability to travel to project sites is required.

Why join R Silva Holdings?

- Competitive salary and benefits package

- Vacation/PTO and holiday pay

- 401(k) retirement plan

- Medical, dental & vision coverage


$15 - $32 per hour