Prudence EMS Administrative Operations Coordinator Bryan, TX · Part time

The Administrative Operations Coordinator is a candidate with great understanding of the concept of confidentiality, good communication, and customer service skills, and is proficient in data entry with a high level of attention to detail. Responsible for providing a wide range of office management and support to the company operations, administrative and Human Resources department including answering phone lines, scheduling/managing calendar, dispatch, making/confirming meeting arrangements, editing and proofreading proposals, and writing correspondence. Must be self-managed and numbers oriented and be creative with project work. Must be resourceful, an independent thinker and self-sufficient as well as self-motivated with strong time management.


• Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information.

•  Collect and Organize patient data

•  Coordinate response teams including Emergency Medical Technicians which involves such duties as instructing, assigning, and reviewing work, maintaining standards, acting on employee problems, selecting new employees, recommending promotions, discipline and counseling.

•  Manages day-to-day operations on an assigned shift; ensures maintenance of vehicles. 

•  Delivers and issues supplies to stations and personnel.

•  Maintain a streamlined inventory and requestion processes.

•  Maintain office services by organizing office operations and procedures.

•  Preparing payroll, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions and assigning and monitoring clerical functions.

•  Coordinate activities throughout the company to ensure efficiency and maintain compliance with company policy.

•  Design and manage the scheduling system for operational and administrative staff to ensure schedules/shifts are covered at all times.

•  Manage emails, letters packages, phone calls and other forms of correspondence and properly direct phone calls and general business inquiries.

•  Track and replace office supplies as necessary to avoid interruptions in standard front office and operational procedures.

•  Assist colleagues whenever there is an opportunity to do so.

•  Responsible for the day-to-day facilities operations including scheduling vehicle maintenance or repairs while liaising with the Operations Director/Manager/EMT’s when necessary, in compliance with operational procedures.

•  Ensure operational staff (EMT’s) scheduled in Sling are assigned in Angel Track with the appropriate calls for all daily operations.

•  Coordinate with contracted facilities (Nursing Homes) to schedule transports for their residence to ensure an effective and timely operations.

•  Coordinate and assist the business development coordinator with marketing strategies and new intakes to improve the overall headcount and call volume.

•  Ensure operational staff (EMT’s) receive appropriate feedback regarding compliance to reporting of PCR (Patient Care Report) & all appropriate documentation required for compliance.

•  Maintaining confidentiality of sensitive and confidential information.

•  Supervises response teams including Emergency Medical Technicians which involves such duties as instructing, assigning, and reviewing work, maintaining standards, acting on employee problems, selecting new employees, recommending promotions, discipline and counseling. 

•  Conducts annual performance evaluations on all employees assigned on a shift. 

•  Implements quality assurance programs; attends meetings as directed. 

•  Assists in training of new personnel. 

•  SOPs in coordination with the Operations Director/Manager.

•  Maintains responsibility for the execution of departmental compliance requirements.  

•  Ensure patient care reports (PCR) are completed accurately while painting a picture of in the narrative for better overview of the task done at the point contact with patients & during transport.   

•  Ensure the supply/inventory checklist for all assigned units are completed for each shift in Angel Track.  

•  Manage Office equipment and supplies and ordering new equipment and supplies as needed.

•  Offer assistance to accounting department to provide manage invoices, payments a receipts.

•  Confer with human resources department to provide assistance with payroll, personnel databases and other duties.

•  Establish and implement approved office procedures and practices.

•  Establish general upkeep of the premises.

•  Contact relevant personnel for troubleshooting complex issues.

•  Coordinating medical records to ensure that they are organized and up to date.

•   Handling prior authorization processes and submitting forms to insurance companies per guideless.

•  Tracking updates for prior authorizations request, denials and approvals and resolving any related issues with other support staffs.

•  Coordinate with the Marketing and Business Development department in ensuring the census always maintained.

•   Assist the Human Resources Department and the Operations Director/Manager in designing and maintaining an employee retention program that’s effective in ensuring the integrity & day to day operations is maintained.

•  Coordinate and submit weekly reports to the AOR (Administrator on Record) regarding administrative and operational activities with recommendations that will further improve the administrative and operational integrity of the company in coordination with all other departmental coordinators including but not limited to the Operations Director/Manager.

•  Performing other work-related duties as assigned.


$11 - $14 per hour