Pops Bagels Commissary, LLC Bagel Enthusiast Los Angeles, CA · Part time

We call our bakers "Bagel Enthusiasts" because we want your passion for baking to shine! The position has early hours as this is a bakery job. You'll be preparing raw dough and baking fresh bagels as needed.


As a Bagel Enthusiast, we want you to LOVE bagels! Let your passion for dough shine. You’ll be required to follow recipes very closely and keep detailed reports of your work. We work alongside our bagel shop so it’s important to work efficiently and in a tidy manner. All of our bakers are required to wear a uniform and maintain high sanitary standards. Since the baking area is on display to the public, we want our customers to feel your passion for making awesome bagels while also maintaining clear communication with your fellow Enthusiasts and Store Leads.


$18 - $20 per hour